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2010 Volvo S80, a mid-term revision

The current generation of large Volvo S80 sedans of 2006. This means that it is already given to half of the time elapsed since its life span is usually eight years. And for the occasion, Volvo gives it a facelift more than slight, but accompanied by mechanical and technical improvements worthy of mention, all without forgetting to highlight the contribution of a more substantial frame. On the inside, finishing, presentation and materials used have been revised upwards.

For more details, here is an excerpt from the press release issued by Volvo Canada


The refreshed Volvo S80 - new chassis and new chic

Following an elaborate study of customer requirements in the segment of luxury sedans, the development of vehicle group Volvo Car Corporation brings to the S80 model 2010 various changes in style and engineering that will rejuvenate the exterior and interior of the vehicle and present two new options chassis offering a distinctive experience of driving.

"We are ready to give a lot of problems to the competition, says Stephen Odell, President and General Manager of Volvo Cars. With the new S80, we are raising the bar to its highest level in terms of exclusivity, of quality and driving experience. "

The refreshed Volvo S80 is presented in premiere at the Geneva Show 5-15 March 2009. Pricing will be announced at an earlier date of sale.

"At first, the refreshed S80 looks both a larger and more elegant, explains Steve Mattin, Design Director at Volvo Cars. But we also puts a face more severe. In Germany, it is called the "boser blick" in the sense that the front of the car has a rather menacing air when it appears in the mirror of the car that the foregoing. However, the S80 demarque more by its interior. Environment is both more comfortable and luxurious, denoting a fineness of manufacture more refined. We also focuses more towards the driver's interior, starting with a new steering wheel and an upgraded instrumentation. Our experts frame and engine made sure the driving experience is just as exclusive as its interior aestheticism. "

Precision of detail and quality of materials

Mr. Mattin and his team have given the S80 has a new grille incorporating an enlarged logo iron mark, reflecting the more extrovert DNA of recent Volvo models of vehicles. We also notice a new curlicue admission of air, the lower part of the doors and the lower part of the rear lights.

Inside, the emphasis is scope to exclusivity and comfort. The seats soft and sumptuous leather bites arranged are highlighted by the door panels embellished with a same finish. The central panel is floating ultra-thin silky enhances a metal frame that emphasizes its original construction and raised its exclusive look, while creating an aesthetic link with the recently launched Volvo XC60.

The instruments are refreshed Volvo S80 highlighted by exclusive aluminum dials and Volvo Cars launches by its steering wheels new generation. The emphasis has silky matt metallized effect of the steering wheel has four spokes can also be found on the speed selector and around the starter button.

"It is the combination treats details carefully studied which gives a chic this environment. The seats are a good example. We lean over here on comfort by creating a seat and a lateral carrier unbeatable, all accentuated by the superb quality of ultra-soft leather scandinavian "says Mattin.

New frame

At the chassis, Volvo Cars has developed two very distinctive configurations - one petting feeling supreme comfort and providing other driving pleasure more dynamic. Comfort Chassis will be offered as standard equipment while sports frame low loader will be optional.

Sport frame presents a number of changes favoring more energetics driving. Having a greater rigidity, this chassis has been lowered as of 20 millimeters at the front and at the back 15. The interaction of the shortened and strengthened springs, dampers has greater capacity, firmer stabilizer bars and bushings harder a feeling more spirited driving and a more dynamic control of the movement of the car. The steering system has also been adapted to provide a more pronounced feeling and a more nervous reaction. The automatic leveling system is standard, electronically adjusting the suspension to help keep the parallelism of the body with the road surface, irrespective of the load of the vehicle.

"The new sports frame provides a very pleasant driving experience, said Stefan Sällqvist, section manager for vehicle dynamics at Volvo Cars. The car has a new character and everything behaves as if it were more compact than it is in reality. By cons, we have absolutely no sacrifice in comfort. Passengers always enjoy a smooth ride, and for those who seek only the gentle rolling, we have a special variant focused entirely on a sumptuous ride. "

The standard chassis has been pledged a distinctly more comfortable before nature, with slightly softer springs and damping attenuated. It is designed to ensure comfort for long hikes, paying special attention to the comfort of the occupants of the rear seat.

"This chassis now has a dual personality, says Sällqvist. Without having to compromise, we have managed to offer our customers an even greater choice. We have a frame for those drivers who enjoy a fully active style of driving and another for those seeking comfort. That said, it nevertheless remains difficult to really do justice to this technology with a simple description. It is first and foremost a question of feeling that can not be fully appreciated only by oneself the road test. "

A difficult fight offer

Volvo S80 competes in a segment dominated by mainly male clientele bringing considerable interest in cars and has very precise expectations in terms of exclusivity, of roads and properties of the image of the brand. Choosing a car is often based on personal tastes and preferences of the person, but it should also serve as a family car.

"Customers in this segment are often very loyal to the brand, said Odell. To appear on the radar of customers who drive cars at this time competing brand, our offer must be really superior. We do this by delivering exclusivity, comfort and properties for roads an absolute upper level. In conjunction with a cutting-edge security, it makes the S80 reinvigorated very difficult to beat. A real product fits a lifestyle. To those who know the Volvo S80 but not never tried it, I would give the following advice: look at this car more closely and take the time to do a good test drive. What we have accomplished you will surely marvel. "

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