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GM and Chrysler, the Canadian approach

On Tuesday, General Motors, and Chrysler have finally presented their turnaround plan to return as soon as possible, the path of profitability. Friday, they are presented in Canadian legislators to submit their recovery plans, the Canadian auto chessboard. And that the Canadian approach differs greatly from that presented to American politicians, particularly at GM for his vision of wages and marginal profits has made his workers with respect is observed, to those granted to workers in Japanese plants have to be built in Ontario.

The approach-General Motors of Canada

From the outset, we felt that it would become more greedy and all proportions guarded, with its applications has presented rise to American legislators. Without encrypt its past, the manufacturer desires to receive a proportional solicited assistance to 30 billion, which could translate into payments of up to Canadian $ 7.5 billion, while the initial grant was $ 4 billion.

In return, the manufacturer undertakes no longer close factories, to produce five new vehicles, some of which has hybrid propulsion. In addition, it will continue on Canadian soil, research and developments in green technology.

For this plan has both bold and pricey can be approved by the Canadian and Ontario governments, the Union of Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) will be put to contribution. Since GM desire lowering the salaries of its 12,000 employees working in Canada, including its leaders was 10%. And the same is true for verses pension regimes has its 56,000 pension.

In response to GM approaches, the president of the CAW, Ken Lewenza says ready to negotiate and revise certain agreements. However, he said very annoyed when asked to touch the amounts verses pensions, and it is not a question of seeing the employees of North American manufacturers installed in Canada, having cut their wages equal to those that workers receive Japanese manufacturers since the differences are far too important.

The approach of Chrysler Canada

The directors of Chrysler Canada are pleased to present the same plane filed last Tuesday to American legislators, merely saying that it is a comprehensive approach to North America. This way of doing things, not at all pleased with representatives of the Canadian government, which still require them to submit a recovery plan, which concerns only their different activities on Canadian soil. They will return again appear before legislators, and in the shortest possible time, with a completely revised plan corrects. Unlike GM asks for more money, Chrysler always contented one billion Canadian dollars, demand the end of 2008.

GM and Chrysler, the Canadian approach picture #1

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