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Vehicle: purposes career in waterfall!

Automakers everywhere across the planet, find themselves in streamlining mode, obviously some more than others. In recent years, we have assisted production purposes, including side North American manufacturers that are virtually unnoticed.

But from now, they will take their importance facing the major crisis that saw the industry at this time, and that will force him to scrap very quickly models that simply does not sell.

All these manufacturers is obviously Chrysler so far has spent cleaver largest number of models. The Japanese side, we recall the cancellation of the production cut Toyota Solara and the end of any full-size truck next Nissan Titan, the replacing will be designed in conjunction with Chrysler.

Three outs in quick succession ...

Since the beginning of the new year, three dismissals were we ads and burst. There was one of the permanent withdrawal of PtCruiser Chrysler, followed by the announcement of the end of production of the S2000 roadster Honda and quite recently abandoned by the Cadillac division of GM, its cutting-XLR convertible. Of these three cars, only the disappearance of PtCruiser Regrettably, while the other aims cars are in reality only a limited circulation models and especially unprofitable ...

Adios PtCruiser

This is what must now tell the workers in the assembly plant in Toluca Mexico, or was assembled this very particular model. This announcement follows departure for career Chrysler Crossfire, Pacifica and PtCruiser convertible, plus the Dodge Magnum and just recently hybrid versions of the Chrysler Aspen and Dodge Durango, which in fact have never really been marketed.

Chrysler PtCruiser of his arrival in 2000, had a instant popularity but had a lot of misery to keep, which is also characteristic of most of these neo-retro vehicles that raise the runaway departing and this is the image of the Volkswagen New Beetle. After having announced sales declines of 51% a year passes, it is not surprising to see today we bid farewell.

Did you know the Honda S2000 roadster?

This little roadster created in Europe and answering Japanese Lotus Elise made its appearance in 1999. Since this period, it sold some 110,670 copies of this high-performance roadster, the starting price of the 2009 model s 'pupil has more than $ 50,000 in Canada.

But before leaving for good, the Europeans alone, will be entitled to a last declension called for the occasion 'Ultimate Edition. In addition to its immaculate white body, has purposely chosen to remind us of the arrival of Honda in Formula 1 in 1964, the final version print limit and numerote have a powerful four-cylinder 2.0-liter VTEC 237 hp and 153 lb-ft of torque, all combined to a six-speed manual gearbox. The latter will debut at the auto show in Geneva next week.

A loss, the Cadillac XLR

This elegant cut-cabriolet which was marketed in 2004, was never able to establish itself in this niche in development, which is still under the tutelage of German manufacturers with their Mercedes-Benz SL and SLK or BMW 328i/335i convertible.

Until this summer, it will continue to be assembled to the dimensions of the iconic Chevrolet Corvette very, situated in a small factory in Bowling Green Kentucky. Out there, they are only 154 employees, but forty of them will find themselves unemployed, following a judgment of this production.

And it may be only the beginning

In the 2009 edition of Car Guide, we make reference to more than 260 different models, many of them are undergoing drastic declines in sales, especially large trucks and SUVs. However, if this situation persists there is no doubt that manufacturers already in financial crisis, will go to the guillotine all models that do not sell and expeditiously.

Unheard of in this maddening world called the automobile, which manufacturers can no longer from now afford to fill their crowded during sorting unsold vehicles. The year 2009, with plans to rescue ads, would normally bring us a lot of answers to many questions that hover over our heads, some of which might just be the death knell of many models of 'unnecessary' at least for many of us.

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