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Michelin offers advice for safe winter driving

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With winter approaching a corner, it is time for Canadians to reconnect with their winter driving skills. The road is icy, rain and snow, must have good skills to drive in the winter and a good set of winter tires. Michelin Canada gives important advice Canadians on what to do and not do for driving safety in winter.

The Michelin Winter Driving Academy ( is an interactive online resource that provides information on the preparation of the vehicle has winter and important tips to improve their winter driving skills.

"Making the safety its guiding principle, Michelin has created the Michelin Winter Driving Academy to help Canadian drivers better understand how to deal with hazardous winter conditions, stated Adam Murphy, director of marketing for Michelin Canada. We encourage both a novice and seasoned to visit our website to learn how Academie improve their winter driving skills. They will be able to take the road with confidence, along with their families, to visit family and friends during the holidays. "

"Drivers should understand winter conditions and take into account, has said Carl Nadeau, professional racing driver and expert Michelin Winter Driving Academy. It is important to adapt his behavior to the prevailing conditions, especially when it comes to dealing with winter hazards such as black ice and slush. "

Here are some tips that drivers can find on the website of the Academy of Michelin Winter Driving:

• The braking distance, handling and performance are increased when your vehicle is equipped with four winter tires.

• When the mercury drops below 7 ° C, winter tires are essential, even on dry road.

• Tire pressure decreases at the same time as the temperature. It is important to verify the at least once a month.

• If the vehicle in front of you loses control, brake and try to avoid the accident. Do not look at the vehicle in difficulty and locate a space or sneak.

• Be sure that the gas tank is always at least half full to prevent the fuel supply pipe freezes.

SOURCE Michelin Canada

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