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Salon de Sao Paulo, the kingdom of biofuel

Holding a car show, as one of Sao Paulo, allows us to discover new products that are totally unaware, even though most of them are factories out there, by the very manufacturers known.

In Brazil and in almost all the surrounding countries, vehicles are watered more biofuel, including mixed petrol / ethanol or entirely to ethanol. Moreover, through my research, I actually discovered that many vehicles announced and presented at this auto show, interest has had to use biofuel as it is estimated that currently 75% of the market consists Brazilian this type of vehicle has both for individuals and for businesses.

A market expanding

In 2007, various manufacturers in Brazil have installed products globally while nearly 2.5 million vehicles of all kinds. The main constructors descending order are: Volkswagen, Fiat, Chevrolet (GM), Ford and Honda.

A living room that says

The Auto Show in Sao Paulo is in its 25th edition and continues to be the reflection of a market increasingly distinctive. With two and a half days fully dedicated to journalists, as is the case in Detroit, it benefited from a global coverage is far from being a despised, even a blush our Ontario neighbors with the show in Toronto wearing regarded as international standards by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), must be content with a purely national media coverage, almost.

It stands in the grounds of 'Anhembi Park Exhibition Hall' which gives him some 88,000 square meters of space to exhibit its 400 vehicles. There is also space for commercial vehicles, although this is not the first purpose of this event. In 2006, he drew a total of 622,104 visitors.

This year, it is the theater of the unveiling all kinds of vehicles, often specific to local market and especially clean has excellent temperature that reigns there, and the beaches are almost daily part of many Brazilians. In the latter, at least three national premieres, are crowds, Here are some very good examples.

Chevrolet GPix

In Paris, Chevrolet introduced the Orlando concept, a crossover compact five-door vehicle. In Sao Paulo, the recurrence in spotlighting his GPix, another compact crossover concept, but this time three doors. In both cases, there is obviously some similarity and there is a good chance that they introduce intelligently locums Chevrolet Equinox / Pontiac Torrent.

Dodge Trazo C1.0

In this case, we could perhaps use the term world first. This is actually the first offspring from the strategic agreements between Chrysler and Renault / Nissan. Trazo this sedan is a redesigned Nissan Versa for marches, South America and especially modified in order to swallow the ethanol. Is it a clone of the future compact Dodge, for North America.

Fiat Bugster Concept

Fiat Brazil has its own design center, presents a small recreational vehicle type 'Dune Buggy' using the chassis of the vehicle off-road KTM X-Bow, the Bugster Concept. Beyond forms and its usefulness, the latter present with very advanced ecological virtues. To do this, it uses a fully electric drive and most of the parts used in its construction are recyclable.

Renault Concept Sand'Up

A utilitarian and recreational time, this car can easily turn compact SUV van, simply by lowering the seat, or become an appetite 2 +2 and why not a convertible by removing the roof supported by brackets. It was designed around the elements of the model Sandero Stepway, very popular in Brazil, himself a descendant of the Dacia Logan, Romania purchased by Renault.

TAC Stark

This small local manufacturer, is venturing into the world of automobile production spotlighting a small hybrid vehicle design, a utilitarian and recreational time, and the very meaning of the term Brazilian. Its mechanics is signed and Volkswagen engine can feed either a gasoline or ethanol. We predict offer somewhere in 2009 and if all goes well, we already considering the possibility of export of 2012.

Volkswagen Gol

You read and not Gol Golf. Volkswagen is present in Brazil since 1953 and produced to this day more than 18 million vehicles. Gol appeared in 1987 represents by itself, a third of this production. VW unveiled a new sedan version adds to the hatchback models. Follow shortly family and vans versions, obviously using gasoline as fuel and ethanol. 

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