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Auto sales in Quebec are better than last year

In recent weeks, there has been much talk in the media of economic difficulties, particularly in the United States. The automotive sector, like others, has been the subject of comments that could shake the confidence of consumers quebecois, deplored the CEO of the Corporation Automobile Dealers Quebec, Mr. Jacques Bechard.            

However, the economic situation in the automotive sector is much better in Quebec and in Canada and the United States, says Mr. Bechard. "We will know in 2008 a great year on the subject of sales of new vehicles," Reminds me Bechard. Indeed, at the end of September 2008, dealers in the province, any brand, sold 351,421 vehicles were new, compared to 327,422 in 2007, the same period, an increase of 7.3%. Moreover, as we considered 2007 as a good year with 413,000 new vehicles sold in 2008 looks even better.            

In conclusion Mr. Bechard precise, the Quebecers continue to buy or rent long term vehicle dealerships Quebec. And the period to buy a new vehicle is excellent as the manufacturers and dealers multiply promotions. Ultimately, it is consumers who benefit from this great competitiveness, he added.

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