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BMW Series 7 edition 2009, before the first-

The flagship manufacturer BMW, the large and gracious Series 7 does not change the image at the right option of the vagaries of the market, but rather has some rule of art. The latter, reserved to a small elite composed of German giants Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which are by turns evolve their products, so as not to cannibalize that market more exclusive.

The fifth generation of BMW Series 7 has just be unveiled by our builder, not a little, and was like Ferrari did the same with its new California model. In both cases, the cars will be presented at the World Premiere in the upcoming Paris Motor Show to be held from 4 to 19 October.

Less assaultive figure

When BMW was unveiled in 2002, the fourth version of its Series 7, the chief designer Chris Bangle was due then explain particular about the design of the posterior of his great prestige saloon, which was far from unanimous among d a Customer has both reduced and especially extremely demanding. But the mac, would instead be followed by other manufacturers, mainly Toyota with the renewal of its Lexus LS and Toyota Camry. In addition, the media storm had caused this almost lese majeste scandal, we did discover one of our best designers of modern times, Chris Bangle.

But this time, the design and shape of the new sedan Series 7 will be accepted by all, as more traditional and less bold, while providing a silhouette of a car worthy of his rank.

Interior finishing and presentation are those of a palace whose mission is to spoil all passengers, including the driver who benefited from a highly ergonomic position ultra modern steering, and includes an impressive list of tracking technologies, including a system of night vision (Night Vision) a thermal camera that allows to spot pedestrians.

New ranges and new engines

On the European market, the elegant BMW Series 7 will be broken into five different aspects. First, we find the 730d diesel engine models has a six-cylinder TURBOCHARGED that develops a power of 245 hp and an impressive torque above 398 lb.-ft. reached the 1,750 mt. Thereafter, we find the 740i engine with six cylinders in line 3.0 liter bi-turbo DELIVERING 326 horses and 332 lb-ft of torque from a 1,500 mt. Finally, we discover the majestic 750i, which loses its V12, but that account from now on an equally powerful new V8. This is the team that the powerful X5 SUV, 4.4 liter, whose power reaches 407 horsepower and a torque of 442 lb-ft. Note that these data meet the European standards and could be slightly different than, versions that will cross the Atlantic.

At this time, we can not say they are the versions, but one can imagine the arrival of the 740i and 750i versions. The 730d version could possibly follow later given the price of black gold constantly rising. I almost forgot to mention the versions you a longer wheelbase 740Li and 750Li. All these new engines are found associated has a new automatic gearbox six reports, complex and intelligent.

Who says BMW Series 7, said technology and the new frame is far from being an exception to this basic rule. On the one hand, by the use of more and more mechanical parts made of aluminum which allow a large car this be more mild, slightly more sober and more ecological. Obviously, it has no less than eight electronic systems aid the conduct and this chapter I does not count such systems; brakes ABS / EBD, Stability and Traction Control which today have become customary systems.

After its official unveiling in Paris, the new BMW Series 7 will be available in November in the European market. Marketing in North America will commence in the spring of 2009, after having been presented to the Los Angeles Auto Show, Detroit and Montreal and Quebec ...

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BMW Series 7 edition 2009, before the first- picture #7

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