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Toyota Prius rechargeable batteries in 2010

Did you know that last March at the Geneva Salon, Toyota had submitted a very special version of its mega-popular Prius. The latter benefited from the technology rechargeable batteries (plug in) on a domestic electric plug. Unfortunately, the latter is completely PAST unnoticed, since all the media attention is then directed to the unveiling of the tiny Toyota IQ, future rival of the tiny Smart.

This totally ignored presentation allowed us to discover some data on the 2009 version of the Prius. Thus, we learned that the latter would have slightly more generous dimensions, an engine whose cylinder was from 1.5 to 1.8 liter. The power of the combustion engine has 100 horsepower and pass the electric motor of 60 horsepower. An increase in power that would allow it to solve its main handicap what the benefits granted performance without having to taint his reputation ultra economic car. This was made possible by the use of new Nickel Metal Hydride batteries better exploited.

Normally, the 2009 Toyota Prius whose marketing is planned for spring 2009, will not benefit from technology recharge socket plug (Plug In), at least at first, because the latter is scheduled for commercialization, scheduled by the very end of 2010. desiree by Version This very many people use more battery Nickel Metal Hydride, thus allowing the car to offer an additional autonomy in electric only mode, thus reducing even more excellent odds in matters of fuel economy, not to mention of course, mentioning its excellent environmental contribution.

Meanwhile, Toyota is working always develop its lithium-ion. The first Toyota vehicles using this technology will be commercial vehicles and fleets, probably followed by a model of the Lexus brand, offered a draw limit and if all goes well, the next generation Prius, should take advantage of this technology and has Like all products signs Toyota, Lexus, Scion and Daihatsu. 

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