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BMW GINA Light Concept

Here is a concept car that presents itself as a rolling laboratory, whose mission is to present to the general public through various rooms of Auto, a variety of avant-garde technologies will meet shortly in the models below serial Bavarian manufacturer.

An unorthodox body

Among all these technological evolutions, there is one that comes out of the box, nothing less. Throughout the history of the automobile, many materials have been used in the design of car bodies, such as wood, steel, aluminum and carbon fiber, to name just the.

While today most vehicles have a monocoque structure, the GINA concept, returns to the early days of aviation were used or assembled body panels of type 'textile' with sub-frame solidifies. In this way, the vehicle becomes more readily transformable, which should greatly simplifies production around the same assembly line, with very different vehicle categories. In addition, this technology gives the advantage to hide any imperfections, if any, once the hood, doors and trunk farms.

Note that this type of assembly of disparate vehicles is more practical, especially by Japanese manufacturers.

Z4 Z8 future or return

The dimensions of this vehicle concept, are very close to those of the Z4 roadster, and if we add to all this a body of the same type, there is a step to imagine that it has all the essential elements in the development of the next generation of the BMW Z4 or formalize the rumor that the manufacturer would be interested in reviving the Z8 roadster, even if it is far from having experienced success discounts, quite the contrary.

The dashboard of similar design, or a coating of textiles, as a special feature to conceal the non instrumentation used to leave the field open to solicited instruments. Moreover, the basic philosophy which inspired its designers was to allow the driver to use only what they need at the right time.

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BMW GINA Light Concept picture #7

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