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John Cooper Works, you know ...

John Cooper is a legend in the world of motor racing. He debuted in 1946 with his company Cooper Car Company, which became the leading manufacturer of racing cars very quickly. Cooper with his model 500, it makes the success in Formula 3. During the late '50s, his racing cars won 16 wins in Formula 1. Moreover, in 1959 and 1960 the legendary Jack Brabham won first place championships world drivers while allowing his stables has won the coveted title as the World Constructors' Championship.

Thereafter, he attacked the Speedway, the birthplace of racing in America, or cars at the rear engine mounts, dominate races with great easy.

The cheeky little is we UNVEILED

Meanwhile, a new car, very small, just be commercialized in Britain, the surprising Mini which was founded in 1959. Two years later, John Cooper perfects the latter which then becomes the Mini Cooper. And since that time, three generations of the Cooper family, thanks to their tenacity, offer aesthetic and especially mechanical components that have enabled thousands of fans of sporty to live their passion, until the end of production Mini in 1970. Total production of this legendary car reached 5.3 million units.

Back very remark Mini

Thirty years later, the idea of ​​reviving this icon Columbia is taken by the leaders of the German manufacturer BMW, then owner of the MG Rover Group, which manages the brand Jaguar, Rover, Land Rover, Austin, MG and Mini. Finally, BM W sells the Group, but retains the exclusive rights reuse named Mini.

And the development of the new Mini was made jointly between the offices of BMW and study of the company John Cooper Works, whose expertise on the Mini are an invaluable asset for the German technology group. Unveiled in 2001, the first major new Mini has first been offered in two-door cut version, followed Cabriolet models, all offered in base has petrol and diesel engines in Europe, Cooper and Cooper S, not to mention the models offered with the John Cooper Works kits exclusive cars Mini. This little car has both seductive and aggressive afait his debut on the chessboard auto North American in 2002.

With the arrival in 2007 of the second generation version of the popular Mini and the following year the longer called Clubman model, here at the last Salon Auto Geneve unveiled on us all the latest achievements scratched John Cooper Works , based on the Mini and Mini Clubman models.

Kit 'aero' John Cooper Works

Now part of the Industrial Group BMW, Props and preparateur John Cooper Works in nevertheless continues to provide high performance products, including aesthetic level. Mini coachwork by these passes at a higher echelon, giving it a very light style bluntly announcing his character very hot. To do this, slim skirts, more massive bumpers and a spoiler is used very visible. All this accompanied by attributes made of carbon and JCW logos, which demonstrate that we are dealing with a car outside the box.

On the inside, it is soon confronted a threshold claw John Cooper Works door, not to mention the presence of many decorative inserts made of carbon. JCW sport seats have been designed a plan to mold to your body to better wrap up and by the very fact increase your pleasure of being at the wheel of this little bomb. In supplement, you can also opt for sports seat with the seat depth is adjustable in height, in addition to being heated.

Kit 'engine' John Cooper Works

If the 172 horsepower of the Mini Cooper S is not enough to satisfy your ambitions go faster, the kit 'engine' JCW could make you a true champion ... So, cylinder head, air filter and above the compressor once rebalanced announce power has increased from 172 208 horses, but also a phenomenal torque of 192 lb-ft between 1,850 and 5,600 mt or 207 lb-ft between 2,000 and 5,100 mt after the booster (overboot) active. The manufacturer announced accelerations from 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 236 km / h.

For puckering up this little bomb was provided for the use of more powerful brakes painted red. Sport suspension offered by JCW, announces an absolute firmness, according to some extreme. Finally, the exhaust system of stainless steel specific mission is to ensure a very typee sonority.

All models Mini and Mini Clubman can enjoy the attributes John Cooper Works. It is very important to know that these additions or changes to your Mini are subject to the same warranty offered on other models in the range.

Cote prices, Mini Cooper S displays an entry of $ 29,900 price, while the same car with accessories and equipment claws John Cooper Work is announced at a price of $ 38,390.

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