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The Westfalia resurrects ...

The automotive world has its icons, such as the Ford model T, Volkswagen Beetle, Mini and many others. For its part, the Recreational Vehicle which trades regularly with the dimensions of the automotive industry, has also its icon, the Westfalia, which had its heyday in the years '70, prosperous period of the era the 'Flower Power'.

Now, here it is the turn of the Westfalia camper who is preparing to serve as a basis for development of a new vehicle, designed by industrial designer Alexandre Verdier Montrealers.

However, it is important to remember that the name Westfalia is that of a German company specialized in the conversion of minibus Volkswagen vehicles adapted for camping, which premieres achievements date back to 1951. Westfalia Van Conversion The company which was long associated the manufacturer Volkswagen was purchased in 1999 by the Daimler-Chrysler Industrial Group, the age .. It is for this reason that designed and drawn by Mr. Verdier vehicle, use the logo in the form of horse rears, silver color of this company.

An idea whose time has come

In 1994, Alexandre Verdier unconditional Vehicle Volkswagen Westfalia, writing his first 'perfect camper Guide by reference to his personal experiences aboard this type of vehicle, during his multiple trips to European soil. Two years later, he is returning for a second 'perfect camper Guide, but this time, in recounting his exploits during its displacements on the east coast of the United States, still driving his vehicle fetish, the Westfalia.

From 1998 to 2004, he devoted his energies mainly no less than four different design projects, even futuristic compact motorhome (class B), largely inspired by the legendary Volkswagen Westfalia. Moreover it is in 2004 that the concept of the fourth generation is deserved top honors at the competition Michelin Challenge Design 'which for several years is much speaks for itself, especially in the Salon Auto Detroit, but whose repercussions are moving rather on the side of the european media.

The following year, it was the turn of his website '' to be honored. This allowed him to receive a 'Creative Awards' and a' ITA Awards. The excellent 3D presentation of the different technologies and amenities offered by the vehicle, are largely responsible. Finally, in 2006, the latest version of its project called 'Verdier Solar Power has received the special jury prize at' Caravaning Design Award 'which was held in Dusseldorf, Germany.

A clever concept vehicle ...

The 'Verdier Solar Power' compact dimensions can accommodate up to four adults can enjoy ergonomics makes reference to a vehicle of this size. For example, the interior staircase that allows us to get to bed is ingeniously integrated into the back of the passenger seat. To this is added a rotating cooker that allows us to prepare meals as a inside as on the outside. In addition, the sleeper section, type effortlessly be raised or lowered electrically.

Technologically, this vehicle provides, inter alia, adjustable solar panels (Sun Tracker) whose primary function is to provide electricity when the vehicle is stopped, allowing it to offer greater autonomy or greater independence offered to passengers. These solar panels are fully managed by computer, itself equipped with a navigation system (GPS) very complex. Talking computer, this vehicle is designed to deliberately allow the use of most existing multimedia technologies with or without wireless internet connections.

Diesel, hybrid and why not both engine

The time you read these lines, Mr. Verdier is about to realize his dream, that is to say, design a first prototype, scale the 'Verdier Solar Power. Or the engine that will power the vehicle remains a very well kept secret, but we can easily imagine a diesel engine has common rail, but a hybrid engine to offer cutting edge technology and proven in matters of economy and especially reliability. Not to mention that the latter is increasingly popular with a population more than ever opting for more roundly ecological solutions. Currently in Europe, several manufacturers are working to develop a hybrid powertrain with a diesel engine as a base of small cylinder, here is an additional possibility that is offered to Mr. Verdier and its partners in this project that deserves to be emphasized.

To date, the only technological Advanced advertised is the use of air suspension, whose role will be to ensure a more healthy behavior and especially more homogeneous the vehicle, which will also provide comfort to the occupants of the vehicle sustained.

Mr. Verdier and his cronies are currently working on the opportunity to offer a range comprising three distinct models. Thus, like a first Westfalia it is not impossible to see appear a version of the commercial type as entry-level, followed by a family model type mini van and finally the 'Verdier Solar Power', the ne ultimate in compact caravan matter ...


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