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The new Mercedes-Benz GLK, already a star of cinema

On May 30, when the eager fans of television series "Sex and the City" invade movie theaters across the country to find four of their favorite New Yorkers in the film if expected, they will also see the famous Mercedes-icons Benz and a new family member making his debut in the big screen.

Featured in the film, we find the S-Class flagship sedan Mercedes-Benz, as well as the Fashion Week in New York sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, which provides the framework has several scenes. The cinephiles will also have an overview of the new 2010 GLK-Class, a new compact SUV that way marie unique style, versatility and performance. GLK, which will be sold in Canada in January 2009, made his film debut with the dimensions "Carrie Bradshaw" (Sarah Jessica Parker), "Samantha Jones" (Kim Cattrall), "Miranda Hobbes" (Cynthia Nixon) and "Charlotte York "(Kristin Davis).

"These four heroines of Sex and the City are known icons of the fashion world. They launch trends in the world of fashion that last more than one season, as does Mercedes-Benz in the automotive industry, "said Marcus Breitschwerdt, President and General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Canada, before He added: "This film was perfect for us; it highlights our S Class and presents the new GLK-Class in its natural urban decor before it arrives in showrooms. "

A global microsite which can be accessed through, clicking on the "The GLK UNVEILED" link, was launched on April 28. This microsite immerses users in the heart of New York at night, inviting them to take a tour of the city aboard the new GLK. This virtual tour also offers a taste of what users can expect if they win the trip allowing them to attend the Fashion Week Mercedes-Benz New York in September 2008. This microsite also includes Detailed information on the GLK-Class, exclusive photos, special video clips of the film and downloadable content.

In collaboration with the Canadian film distributor, Alliance Films, Mercedes-Benz Canada has established an integrated marketing campaign taking place from the end of May until early autumn. This integrated platform aims to develop awareness of the new GLK. It will include advertisements in newspapers, advertisements in cinema, an online competition, the PLV destiny to dealer showrooms, as well as invitations sent to customers to attend the premieres and private screenings of the film. Most of the summer will be devoted to the establishment of a database of potential buyers GLK data. Of the arrival of the new GLK, these people will contactees to test drive the all-new compact SUV from Mercedes-Benz.

To enter the contest online May 12 to 18, consumers have to travel / sexandthecity. One lucky winner will be eligible to win the Grand Prize consisting of a trip for two to New York, including return flight, which includes an overnight stay in Toronto Hazelton Hotel, two overnights in Le Parker Meridien New York ground transportation in New York, an official guided tour "Sex and the City" in New York for the winner and his prompt (e), two tickets to the premiere of the film "Sex and the City" on May 27 at Radio City Music Hall New York, a new dress and new shoes provided by Hazelton Lanes, crystal accessories supplied by Swarovski, and massage for the winner and his prompt (e). The experiences of the Grand Prize winner and his prompt (e) Toronto and New York will be documented by Entertainment Tonight Canada (ET Canada).

May 28, Mercedes-Benz Canada will be the main sponsor of the premiere of "Sex and the City" in cinema Scotiabank Toronto. The event will be followed by a festival in Toronto Circus School. Of the first will also take place in movie theaters in five other major Canadian cities.

About Mercedes-Benz and "Sex and the City"

In the movie "Sex and the City" in New Line Cinema, the new GLK350 4MATIC is driven by Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall. The scenes of the film are set in the Fashion Week Mercedes-Benz New York, and the man is in love Carrie Bradshaw, "Mr. Big" (interpreted by Chris Noth), moves throughout the film in a S550 sedan driven by a chauffeur.

Mercedes-Benz maintains a longstanding relationship with the entertainment industry, and has offices in Hollywood that explore and maximize opportunites to promote the brand in the entertainment industry. Once the script sifts, projects are developed from concept to finished product, and when they are as important as in the movie "Sex and the City," there is collaboration between the production team and Team marketing.

In the case of "Sex and the City," the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and New Line Cinema began last summer (2007), when the vehicles were provided for the filming of some scenes of the film. In September, the luxury automaker has teamed with New Line Cinema to create the scenes set during the Fashion Week Mercedes-Benz in Bryant Park New York. In addition to driving the vehicle in the film, including scenes shot in December on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, actress Kim Cattrall joined Dr. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG at the world premiere of Vision GLK Auto Show in Detroit in January 2008.

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