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Claw Zagato

The heyday of the famous Italian car is well and truly behind them, at least for most of them. Bertone has been put under the protection of its creditors, while Pininfarina has barely survive. However, Ital Design and Zagato designers seem to remain in the saddle.

Thus, the Milanese coachbuilder Zagato will celebrate next year's 90th anniversary as a designer of avant-garde, world renowned for his works of art on four wheels. He continues to develop new models, has small print, if single model, the price can easily exceed one million dollars (U.S.).

This very particular niche based solely on a very Fortunee clientele, seeking the exclusivity has 'any price' is expanding. Moreover, these last have already already regarded as vintage cars, even before being delivered to their wealthy owner. So Little Chefs d'oeuvres that will value quickly, thus constituting an investment on the part of its owner. Today these exceptional cars are often revealed through exhibitions type Concours d'Elegance, privileged places or found by chance, the affluent classic car enthusiasts and collectors put to auction.

This new approach was born in 2002 at the Paris, with unveiled ment of the amazing Aston Martin DB7 Zagato. The latter was produced 100 copies, a unit reserved in the Museum of the British brand. But it is in 2006 that the coachbuilder Zagato returns to the forefront with his Ferrari 575GTZ unique model order by the Japanese collector Yoshiyuki Hayashi. The latter was unveiled as a world premiere at the famous Concours d'Elegance Villa d'Este in Italy. Silhouette 575GTZ wants a nostalgic reminder of the Ferrari 250GTZ 1956 carried out by Zagato age. The 575GTZ uses lightning V12 Ferrari 575M model, whose power revolves around horses 515.

The following year, return to glitzy d'Este Concours d'Elegance of Italy with the presentation of his Maserati GS Zagato. The latter was commissioned by a wealthy entrepreneur Romain, Paolo Boffi. Based on the model of GrandSport series, this new realization recalls the Maserati A6 G model 1954. GS Zagato features a powerful 4.2-liter V8 engine of 400 horsepower.

Today is the turn of the Volkswagen Group, including its car division of prestige Bentley to take control and enjoy the great competence of designers coachbuilder Zagato. Thus, from the large and devastating Bentley Continental GT Speed, we designed an impressive cut shapes at once massive, slender and more aggressive, a feat for a car of this size. Thus, the beautiful Bentley grille takes volume and especially more aggressiveness. The flag lowering benefited from a new roof with a double wave forms, a legendary Zagato signed approach. In turn, the rear part wants much more sporty appearance with its sloping lines and bulging. The interior of the original Bentley GTZ is rather similar to that of the model series and can only accommodate four passengers, enjoying treats and comfort level very high. Under the hood lies a withering W12 engine shall develop no less than 610 horsepower. In the light of information circulating about the asking price for this fantastic achievement, it appears that the amount could reach one million dollars (U.S.) and a dozen copies 'unique' would be in order ...

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