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Researchers say they can convert forest waste into ethanol

Researchers at the University of Sherbrooke believe they have found a cost effective way to transform the waste left by the forestry companies green fuel. Jean-Michel Lavoie, of the department of chemical engineering at the University of Sherbrooke, explains that the process of biorefinery is made from a homogeneous biomass from the same tree species.

The raw material used consists of branches, tree segments and even entire trees that have been abandoned because they contained too many defects. These debris are then fragmented and separated.

However, a small fraction of the fibers are used to prepare the ethanol as the cellulose which is composed of glucose by simple fermentation becomes ethanol.

The new processes are so promising that industries that exploit are currently set up in the Eastern Townships is. One of them, the company Enerchem, will soon be the demonstration of their viability and profitability Leue.

Therefore, it becomes possible to produce biofuels without monopolize fertile land for growing biofuel convertible cereals, but also essential to the human diet.

Currently, ethanol is mainly produced from corn, a cereal very present in the human diet. The current biofuel production may cause a food crisis without precedent.

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