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Our roads are bumpy!

Do you know how to protect your vehicle nest-holes?

Now is the season for pot-hen Montreal. A snowmelt, drivers face the many potholes, bumps that invade our streets. Richard Neumann Ford Canada is able to provide drivers with tips and advice to enable them to avoid damage to their vehicle caused by the deterioration of our roads.

Richard is able to discuss the following:

1 How a well designed suspension can help a vehicle to withstand a nest-holes.

- The rate of compression / relaxation dampers can keep the rims and tires in suspension so that they can slide over nest-holes instead of sinking.

2 How to avoid damages caused by potholes potholes

   a-Tire Pressure

      - Inflate your tires at the recommended pressure

   b-Do not tack

       - You may well increase the damage by hitting the edge of the nest-holes instead of hitting directly.

   c-Do not crush the brakes

      - This maneuvering compresses the front suspension of the vehicle and a wheel can sink into the nest-holes instead of slipping over.

The impact caused by a nest-holes can cause the corruption of the front axle of the vehicle or damage to tires, a suspension or steering components. Richard can give advice on how to determine if the front end of your vehicle is disturbed.

SOURCE: Ford of Canada Ltee

PHOTOS: Gilles Olivier

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