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Subaru announces pricing for new 2009 Forester

Subaru announces pricing for all-new third-generation Forester is on sale in Canada April 19, 2008 as a 2009 model. Meme benefited if a new design and additional features, the retail price suggested by manufacturer (MSRP) of each Forester will be lower than that of its predecessor and extremely attractive compared to the offer from the competition.

The well equipped new version of "base" of the Forester 2.5X, with its unparalleled power and enhanced ground clearance and a superior ability to tow, show an MSRP of $ 25,795 when it endowed the box Manual Transmission of serie-a lower price of $ 1,200 compared to the 2008 model. Debutant was $ 27,995, Forester 2.5X Touring version sells for $ 1,000 less. Although many additional features wealthy, the 2.5X Limited model with its price of $ 32,395 begins at $ 3,700 less than its predecessor. And version Forester 2.5XT Limited more generously provided to retail for $ 34,895, or a price has undergone an incredible $ 4,100 down.

"The length of the new 2009 Forester with only about three inches longer than the previous model, the Subaru engineers were able to design a more spacious interior in a compact format and maintain external aspects that define it essentially as stated by its owners, "said Katsuhiro Yokoyama says, president and CEO of SCI. "In addition, the platform and chassis are brand new enhance handling and maneuverability remarkable that have always been hallmarks of the Forester since the model was launched. "

All versions of the 2009 version of the Forester are equipped with a media rack roof, heated front seats and tinted windows that are options on competitive vehicles. In addition, each version has a chain with audio steering wheel controls and volume changes depending on the speed of the vehicle, air conditioning, a tilt steering wheel / telescoping and so on.

Like all Subaru vehicles, the new Forester is equipped with symmetrical AWD system has taken constant and it combines the positive attributes of an SUV, including an elevated position for the occupants and a large interior versatility, with comfort, handling and efficiency energetics of a passenger car in a unique format that is thinking in terms of a active lifestyle.

A new longer platform improves both the quality of the bearing interior space, particularly in terms of legroom in the back, while providing better security in case of collision and maneuverability more precise.

A new rear double-wishbone suspension mounted on a sub frame, replaces the previous strut configuration. The improvement of the body structure and new suspension help to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), while being less bulky suspension provides a larger cargo space.

2009 Forester all versions are equipped as standard equipment lateral curtain airbags with rollover sensor and the system stabilization electronic control of vehicle dynamics (VDC), a control system of traction and a system Brake Assist, systems that are now standard across the range.

Consumers can choose between two engines cylinders horizontally opposed ("boxer") 2.5 liters, an atmospheric version and a turbocharged version of cooler air, both engines have been redesigned to provide better services. Thus, the torque at low and medium regimes being improves on both engines, they respond better to stress to these regimes and everyday performance is even better. The robust body structure, the independent suspension raised four wheels and severe service, and a clearance Haussee soil 225 mm (8.9 inches) make Forester equally adept at negotiating twisty roads and absorbing vagaries of a bumpy and ruts. Praise for its quality and recognized among the best in the segment, the ride is even smoother and quieter.

The Subaru Forester was one of the first crossover SUVs have an independent suspension on all four wheels. The 2009 Forester adds with a new rear independent double-wishbone suspension and a widening of the channel, which improves ride quality and handling already exceptional.

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