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Bang & Olufsen audio system provides a new bespoke Aston Martin DBS

Bang & Olufsen, the global provider of audio video products and exclusive high quality, in collaboration with Aston Martin, the British leading manufacturer of luxury sports cars and performance, today announced the arrival in North America of the sound system BeoSound DBS in the Aston Martin DBS in December 2008. BeoSound DBS system is important because it makes a pure, natural sound thanks to its platform of digital signal processing (DSP) has 13 channels, has its 13 speakers divided into 10 pitches and has its upper power 1000 watts. This system is part of the basic package of the Aston Martin DBS, a first for the automotive section of Bang & Olufsen.

The meticulous care for details and top quality sound performance BeoSound DBS make one of the best high-fidelity channels of the market. Thanks to a unique personalization process, a presentation on a sound measure, free use of aluminum and soft harmonics, the BeoSound DBS system is designed to exceed all expectations. "We are proud to present particular audio from our collaboration system with the first Aston Martin. BeoSound DBS system is a high quality and high performance intended has a remarkable performance car," Karl Kristian Hvidt stated Nielsen, President and Chief Officer of Bang & Olufsen. Collaboration between Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen is a picture of two innovative companies with a long and proud tradition of technology and design. Both companies were founded in the 20th century and thanks to their commitment to manufacturing skills and values ​​unique design, both have built up a global reputation and a key international status. "Without technological innovation, neither Aston Martin nor Bang & Olufsen would have reached their present reputation as leaders in matters of design and design," says Dr. Ulrich Bez, Chairman and CEO of Aston Martin. "BeoSound DBS represents the essence of the marriage of technology and art. We are particularly proud to offer this system in the DBS." Audio and proprietary technology without equal the sound system from Bang & Olufsen integrated inside a wonderfully personalized DBS, providing driver and passengers with an unrivaled audio experience. BeoSound DBS, which consists of 13 individual speakers and the system's Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) transforms the vehicle into a site acoustics advanced open that allows you to make subtle than striking musical dynamics as well and this , from any source.

The BeoSound DBS system highlights the patented ICEpower (R) Bang & Olufsen, the combination of high power and high fidelity sound quality in an ultra-compact design and sleek, functional use. Speakers motorized Treble operated ALT (Acoustic Lens Technology) proprietary and automatically are mounted on each side of the dashboard and provide a 180 degree horizontal dispersion of high frequencies, which increases the feeling of space of realism to the stage and the audience, or that they are in the vehicle. Besides the two speakers treble incorporated in ALT, the system comprises five mid-range speakers, three additional speakers treble and three speakers severe, including a subwoofer 200 mm mounted under the rear seat. In total, thirteen speakers are arranged in 10 places to the inside of the car. The sound of the system is Personalized thanks to the device's Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Bang & Olufsen, which manages the staging of musical performance to fully enjoy the experience in the car. These 13 speakers and countless hours of research by Bang & Olufsen, are rules to work in harmony to provide an extraordinary listening experience.

The DSP also provides dynamic modeling that adapts automatically to changing acoustic conditions, which allows the vehicle occupants to concentrate on driving and a pleasant listening experience. A homogeneous integration The BeoSound DBS system Bang & Olufsen has been developed exclusively for Aston Martin. The system is acoustically and physically profile according to DBS, thanks to a design that integrates the inherent qualities and the physical integrity of the Aston Martin interior. Finish grilles speakers integrated aluminum soft contours that harmonize with smooth lines and flowing curves of the cabin. When the system is on, the speaker has twin acoustic lens emerge silently and swiftly, adding a dramatic and technological panache key ideal complement to the Aston Martin DBS. Experts Bang & Olufsen have worked in close collaboration with the development team of Aston Martin products to ensure optimal positioning of the speakers depending on the particular aluminum structure of the vehicle. The result is a system that is an integral part of the Aston Martin DBS. This results in a clean and clear sound has any intensity, making it perfectly adapted to control the Aston Martin audio system. The BeoSound DBS will be presented for the first time in North America at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. It will also be simultaneously available to customers. After the launch of BeoSound DBS system for the Aston Martin DBS, another system customizes sound will be developed for the Aston Martin DB9. Its launch is planned at the beginning of the year 2009.

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