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Nissan presents its concepts IDx Freeflow and IDx Nismo


Nissan presents its concepts IDx Freeflow and IDx Nismo picture #1

Nissan NISMO IDx and IDx Freeflow - 2 concepts from a process of co-creation

Demonstration of the way in which co-creation can upset the conventions relating to automotive design.

The car buying habits are changing. A choice of exterior colors and matching rims is not enough. In a society where cars are a reflection - and a key factor - lifestyle of the driver the way to design future models must be reinvented. This awareness is the origin of "co-creation" (collaborative establishment) visionary IDx Freeflow and IDx NISMO Nissan concept, to be unveiled in the United States on the occasion of International Exhibition of North American Self 2014, Detroit.

Co-creation as an approach to developing products requires the contribution of early consumers in the process. It was designed to attract the "digital generation", born after 1990 and integrated their observations in the creative process. Nissan believes that this approach could give rise to real applications available in the near future.

"The concepts and NISMO IDx IDx Freeflow show how Nissan uses new innovative methods of developing products to meet the needs of young consumers with unique and interesting ideas, and engage in the manufacture of cars they looking for, "stated Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President and Design Director, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd..

Both IDx concepts have features radically different, each with its own identity reflecting their establishment through this new approach to developing products. The first, the Freeflow IDx a vehicle focused on a relaxed lifestyle vision. The second, the IDx NISMO is an ultra-sporty futuristic model that seems straight out of a driving simulator.

IDx: A new beginning

Co-creation establishes a new relationship between Nissan and its customers. The prefix that Nissan gives two new concepts "IDx" reflects these ideals. "ID" is the abbreviation of the word "identification", in reference to the personal touch that gives each person has a car. The "x" is the variable representing the new values ​​and ambitions nees of the communication process.

The participation of members of the digital generation has a fan to integrate new information and opportunities creatives. As part of this co-creation, all aspects have been addressed, the basic architecture of the car to the smallest details and finishing touches.

The design of the two concepts IDx is the direct expression of the ideal form, according to the digital generation, the absolute simplicity in a compact sedan. It was as if they had carte blanche to express freely their exciting ideas.

Thanks to this exchange, Nissan understood the desire of young drivers owning a car has the basic configuration and authentic, a car uninfluenced, based on the ideal proportions and clean lines with a single vehicle has three volumes. Therefore, the IDx concepts share the same original three-volume saloon vehicle structure, which consists of the engine compartment, the passenger and luggage space. Nissan's designers have integrated the idea of ​​an "authentic configuration" as the starting point of their reflection in the form of a "flexible volume."

Several unique approaches were adopted from a structural point of view that IDx concepts can take different appearances. For example, the front wings / back and lateral structure, such as door panels, wrap the interior seem to draw attention to the central part of the vehicle.

This structure allows a car to stand out from others, such as face profile, leaving plenty of scope for personalization. Joint lines (body panels) clearly differ the lateral parts of the roof and reinforce the visual effect while conferring a unique shape to free geometric lines. In addition, front view and back, the car retains its compact lines while maintaining low and wide proportions, giving it the appearance of a "real" car.

Interior as the outside is a simple design, endows the adequate number of features and accessories usually series of cars to untap a strong sense of reliability of construction.

In order to provide sufficient flexibility, in accordance with the associated creativity has IDx approach, some areas of the cabin include a coating thickness adjusted to duplicate. For example, the dashboard is simple but refined, using the method of casting molding for parts of the structure and ventilation ducts. By combining such process to an adjusted-effect trim slightly worn, the dashboard can be used as a basis for several declinations of expressions and functions. Similarly, gauges, center console and floor console have been specially designed to allow installation of custom parts in a simple and homogeneous way.

The interior of IDx concepts expresses the values ​​of the digital generation in a sufficiently flexible way to showcase a refined structure, displaying a unique interior space of its kind.

IDx Freeflow

The Freeflow IDx reflects the interests of its co-creators - the perspective of people in search of natural amenities in every aspect of their daily lives. They adopt a clear and simple gait, using authentic items they prefer to combine different elements with virtuosity and give substance to their ideas.

The interior details of IDx Freeflow can accommodate 4 passengers consist of a judicious blend of functionality and comfort fashionable in design impregnated with originality. The interior is supposed to give the impression of a living room, a place of relaxation for the driver and passengers.

Epure the wheel round, fixed to the dashboard, is surmounted by a speedometer modern aspect not detonerait in the living room of a young person. With analog clock prominently above the central instruments, the effect is rendered based on the desire to create a welcoming and relaxing interior.

In addition, the coordination of metal finish and thick coating of the dashboard and console, as well as denim covering the seats and some interior areas produce a contrast effect: sections has very shiny offset by soothing colors. The originality of the unique taste of co-creators shines in the internal characteristics. More particularly, the texture and color slightly faded denim used on board offer a new aspect, a return essentially adopts a retro charm rarely seen car until now.

Despite its compact dimensions, approximately 13.5 feet long, 5.6 feet wide and 4.3 feet high overall, the Freeflow IDx impresses with its bold and sleek body.

The "floating roof" of the car, rounded, is another peculiarity of the design which accentuates the pure cubic form the rest of the body. The lines of the "floating roof" are common to those of Resonance concepts and sport sedan Nissan, which offer a glimpse of future production vehicles of the brand.

The body color of IDx Freeflow is a sophisticated blend of white and linen (pale beige) evoking the decontraction, as the combination of a white shirt and khaki chinos, emphasizes accessories or silvery belt. The overall visual effect is completed by the addition of chrome rims are elegant 18-inch mounted on 195/50-18 tires.

The quest for authenticity members of the digital generation can also be interpreted as a need for economy and efficiency in achieving their car every day. For this type of vehicle, the significant fuel economy and performance remarkable conduct required could come from a powertrain 1.2-liter petrol or 1.5 liter torque gearbox has a continuously variable (CVT) .


Many members of the digital generation have spent their childhood play games racing simulation with old cars from the four corners of the planet. It is therefore natural that they seek to replicate this virtual driving experience driving a real car that belongs to them. This is precisely what the IDx NISMO concept proposes to do.

Not limited to the sole inspiration of race cars, the NISMO is IDx nee a subtle combination of elements borrowed freely has iconic vehicles of the past and present, as well as features evoking a relaxed pace .

The dialogue of co-creation of IDx NISMO left image distilled cars Nissan cube race of yesteryear and has been associated with many new exciting details. Result: a timeless vehicle in a class apart.

Although IDx NISMO has the same measurements of length and overall height than its cousin the Freeflow, width 5.9 ft (compared to 5.6 feet for his cousin) gives it low and imposing posture strengthens its sporty proportions.

One of the main characteristics of racing cars profilee structure is the rapidity conferred by a backslash nose. On IDx NISMO, this element of the front design is enriched by the use of carbon panels, giving it a more impressive look. The lateral exhausts produce pleasant sounds. The car is also distinguished by contemporary touches, such as aerodynamic deflectors front / rear and side, and a set of 19-inch light rims shod with 225/40.

To meet the high expectations of a powertrain capable of propelling such a car, the Nissan engineers have particular suggests combining a high-performance turbocharged direct injection 1.6-liter engine ecologique has a CVT box sport 6-speed with manual and correspondence diet engine demotion mode. Final result: a seductive blend of heritage of the race and the current best knowledge.

The interior of the IDx NISMO revealed pad seat in AlcantaraMD inspired by the stroke of a captivating crimson, supplemented by dials and meters gross, recreating an atmosphere of race car. The shiny metal surfaces contrast with the red suede trim ornees bright blue stitching.

"The exciting design of this machine makes echo to the thematic race cars of yesteryear, associated to the excitement of the virtual world that the digital generation knows well," stated Mr. Nakamura. "The fact that this car is the result of a dialogue of co-creation perfectly illustrates the innovative approach of Nissan in matters of automotive design and stirs the passion in the hearts of passionate ultra-performance cars of the good old days . "

Source: Nissan

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