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Eight American states want to own 3.3 million cars by 2025

Eight American States have committed themselves Thursday to 3.3 million cars on their own roads by 2025, in order to fight against the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions.

Of giants such as California and New York are part of the group, in addition to Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, Oregon, Connecticut and Rhode Island. They represent together about 23 percent of the U.S. car market.

States have committed themselves to implement the necessary infrastructure to increase the market share of electric cars, electric vehicles using fuel cells to the hydrogen and hybrid cars.

There should be 200,000 own cars on the roads by 2015.

Each state had already adopted, independently, rules requiring a certain percentage of cars sold is either clean cars by 2025.

Sixteen own vehicles offered by eight automakers are currently available on the market. Each automaker is expected to provide a clean vehicle by 2015.

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