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Integration with the car using AirPlay with iOS 7 probable

IOS 7 ready to be unveiled to the public this fall new information emerged about the possible capabilities of its integration in vehicles.

Called "iOS in the car," the new functionality was briefly discussed at the conference of Apple developers in July. It was revealed that the iOS devices with 7 teams would be able to view maps, messages and music on compatible screens cars.

A screen capture of one of the developers who tested the beta version of iOS 7 suggests that the video will be distributable on the same protocol uses AirPlay to stream videos on Apple TV. Video via a USB connection will also SUPPORTED as the integration in the car with a Wi-Fi adapter

iOS in the car uses "Siri hands-free" function, which allows drivers of cars compatible to talk to Siri by pressing a button on the steering wheel.

Integration with the car using AirPlay with iOS 7 probable picture #1

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