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Film director Werner Herzog makes a film about text messages while driving

In his documentary, Werner Herzog was looking at grizzlies, survivors of plane crashes, cave paintings and sentenced to death.

For his most recent project, the German film director, age 70 years from now turns to the accompanying risks sending text messages while driving in "From One Second to the Next", a short film of 35 minutes which evokes how lives have been changed forever by this practice.

Says the filmmaker to work on this subject, which is linked

a catastrophic event hitting families. According to him, the fact that a second lifetimes were erased or transformed ever possessed the "resonance" emotive he knew he could explore.

The documentary, which tells the story of victims and perpetrators, is available online from Thursday on the site and will be distributed by AT & T in more than 40,000 secondary schools as well as in hundreds of organizations promoting of security and government agencies.

The film is based on 30-second commercials already made by Mr. Herzog for the campaign "It Can Wait", set up by AT & T to bring attention to this problem.

Mr. Herzog, who has already protested against the infiltration of the start in the world of creativity, do not be put off to the sponsorship. According to the director of "Fitzcarraldo", the project has indeed nothing to do with consumerism and advertising.

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