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Ford Police Interceptor protector of peace officers

A new technology is added to the model of Ford Police Interceptor To Provide Security measures additional to peace officers, by Reducing the Risk of Their Approaches without Their knowledge while serving They Are In Their vehicle, PARTICULARLY the night.

The new monitoring mode, All All which uses technology already in place, or the reverse camera, the Cross Traffic Alert and Reverse Sensing System Allows peace officers to be more aware of Their surroundings and acts as the first line of defense against potential attackers.

If an agent Enables the system while it is parked, the reverse camera, thanks to sensors detect blind spots and obstacles to stop All All which monitors because without the rear area of ​​the vehicle. This monitoring mode can be disabled When the vehicle is on a sidewalk in an urban environment or the crossing of pedestrians May Constantly trigger the alarm.

This system, All All which is patent pending, is the idea of ​​Randy Freiburger, Supervisor of Police and ambulance cars Ford Motor Company parks. He Spent several hours in the car with Police and WAS witness of the dangers lurk That Throughout Their routine patrols or Their investigations.

"From my own experience the night, I can say That the safety of peace officers is a major concern. Unfortunately, ill-intentioned people Have you roam near the police, it is a fact. This system takes advantage of the same DNA of the That Police Interceptor model places the already tart and safety at the top of the list. "Said Randy Freiburger.

The peace officer Shall prepare reports, an onboard computer monitor or use a radar gun, in addition to performing other duties on board Their vehicle. Video monitoring Gives em year extra pair of eyes to protect 'em from danger, Especially at night, When visibility is low.

Collaborated with InterMotive Ford, Inc., Auburn, California, Have you Developed the system and market monitoring mode, in addition to many innovative products for the law enforcement services. The system can be installed by Crown in North America or by working with local installers Directly InterMotive.

The system is available for the sedan and the Ford Police Interceptor Utility 2014.

Source: Ford

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