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Fleets: Always a priority for General Motors

At the end of the last decade, as share of icts financial health club with the help of American and Canadian Governments, the leadership of General Motors HAD: stressed Repeatedly That It Would abandonment dirty to Fleets. Indeed, if It Would Easily drain out surplus generation through sales rental companies, Profitability was average at best, while Many of These cars were found on the market as carriages Used A Few Effective months. Purpose It Would be grossly simplify the work if a fleet rental companies are limited.

Indeed, this work is divided into three sectors: there is the rental companies in the short term as Avis, Hertz, Tilden and others; the corporate sector and Governments. It also shoulds Specify That portion of a thesis is two steps constituted pickup trucks That Are Often closed box amenagees by Specialized suppliers.

Nowadays, sales and rentals are corporate and government along Calculated duration than calculated previously. At first, the higher price of modern vehicles HAS Encouraged leave this expense over a period along. In addition, the vehicles today are more reliable Produced and Their durability is much improved.

It is in this context That the Parks Service and Commercial customers of General Motors of Canada invites customers icts and Some journalists at Circuit ICAR on July 18. All models produced by General Motors Were aligned with order and Each vehicle HAD icts designated parking. People Who Went to try a vehicle must IDENTIFY Themselves before leaving the car lot. In return, They Had to return the vehicle to original icts location.

It was inter alia an great opportunity for Those present to test the new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. We had odd drawn off road tour to Ensure the effectiveness of verification thesis trucks and SUVs off-road driving.

Contrary to the general belief That Door That believe the market for fleet HAD beens more or less forsaken by GM, the business sector remains a priority. This is what we-have confirmed Pierre Guevremont, account manager parks - Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. "We must not confused trading markets. It is true That GM HAS forsaken the less lucrative sales rental Such companies sector. By cons, we put more emphasis in the business and government Sectors. In addition, our products are better, more reliable and more durable than ever. Technical and mechanical sophistication of our products is our asset That Makes Reviews Reviews another task to Convince customers. "

It is not feasible to know Whether trade agreements Continued to this event higher than last year Reached Those Were. That it is the purpose Some organization and layout of the cars Were better this year!

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