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About About did not GM-have the right to form for employed for reduce benefits to

General Motors of Canada HAS Violated year agreement with Reviews Reviews some of icts employed When It Has Reduced retirement benefits for health care and life insurance in 2009, in an Attempt to reduction of costs included in the middle of a restructuring partner partner after the financial crisis, slice Ontario short year Wednesday.

In a 27-page decision, Judge Edward Belobaba of the Superior Court of the province Estimated That GM "had no contractual right" to make exchange to retirement benefits of employed.

The judgment is Effective Given a class action filed against the automaker HAD beens in May 2010, On Behalf of 3297 pensions and Their families.

GM spokeswoman Faye Roberts Announced That The company Intended to bring the appeal.

In Some cases, form employed HAD seen Their basic benefits for health insurance from more than $ 100,000 WAS $ 20,000.

Among other exchanges, There Were the elimination of coverage for semi-private Hospitals, a reduction of the maximum annual coverage for dental and orthodontic care, and an Increase in the Amount to pay for prescription medications.

GM Argues That the clause ALLOWING him to make the exchange included in the booklet detailing the has-beens That benefits Given to employed.

Belobaba judge CONSIDERS, HOWEVER, that 'GM WAS vague about His right to Reduce or Eliminate thesis benefits, PARTICULARLY partner partner after the departure with the retirement of the employed.

"The employed pensions, Some of Whom Worked for Decades-have for GM, and They Were Told That Repeatedly in documentation Could Rely on benefits: such as health care and life insurance, Were shocked," it is written in the decision.

In the same decision, the judge indicates, HOWEVER, that 'the right to use for the HAD for reduce or Eliminate the additional benefits All All which benefited icts HAS retired officers, Stating That in this case, the company HAD Clearly Indicated That It WAS Entitled to act in this direction.

In the words of Steven Barrett, a lawyer for the Plaintiffs, the decision of the Court Could Potentially Establish a precedent.

Canadian Auto Workers HAD Given Their agreement, in 2011, trust fund, to the tune of $ 2.5 billion Financed GM accepts responsibility to pay for additional health services for 32,000 unionized HAS retired from automobile manufacturer.

By Linda Nguyen

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