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Ford generalize icts use of recycled materials in tissues icts

Thanks to icts Fusion, Ford is the first automaker in the world That Either acquires a global program to manufacture the seats made from recycled fabric materials. Ford Could enough recycled plastic bottles and post-industrial waste to Produce about 1.4 million meters of fabric Annually. This Will Represent the equivalent 730 000 823 000 meters in North America, When the Fusion Will Be in full output phase.

Fusion is the latest example of Ford's commitment to using recycled materials Wherever possible. In North America, for example, Ford HAS icts Increased use of recycled fiber, 0% in 2007 to Nearly 66% of icts vehicle programs in 2013.

In all, Ford uses 41 fabrics in fifteen lines of vehicles on a global scale - the Mustang and F-150 Fiesta and Taurus.

"The fabric used in the Fusion really Exemplified Ford's commitment in favor of sustainability, for beyond the Geographical borders, says Robert Brown, Vice President, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering, Ford Motor Company. Whenever we manage to converge our supply and our suppliers with our concern for sustainability, we are heading in the right direction for the materialization of our commitment to help Improve the world. "

The use of sustainable fabrics Ford Increases as the company to add programs Continued global vehicles, to Establish standards on sustainable materials for new vehicles icts Identifying global suppliers of recycled fiber quality says Carol Kordich, lead designer, Sustainable Materials, and Ford Motor Company. She Explains That The goal is to Ensure That one day all tissues used by Ford are made of recycled materials.

The global launch of the new Fusion (known as Mondeo in Europe and Asia-Pacific) shows That this goal is achievable and is fully-committed That Ford Towards a way of doing business eco-conscious way.

Since the 2009 model year, all new seat fabric used in Ford vehicles shoulds Contain at least 25% recycled materials.

As new ideas and technologies emerge, the processes evolve and Increase volumes and other Automakers follow in the footsteps of Ford. The Associated costs to the development of sustainable fabrics are Likely to decline, Predicts Ms Kordich. When That Happens, Ford is Likely to Consider requiring a high percentage of recycled materials in more icts tissues.

Some of the more sophisticated models of Ford (the electric Focus and Fusion Hybrid SE) are dotes tissue with up to 100% recycled content; Ford extends the eco-conscious aspects of thesis vehicles beyond Their powertrains.

"Ford is definitely a leader and the only manufacturer on the market of the automotive Requires Abebooks web Accomplish must accomplish achieve goals," says Dan Russian, Sales Manager at Sage Automotive Interiors, the wide large largest fabric supplier for Ford in North America. We were thrilled to see Ford take the lead in relation to the use of sustainable materials. This dynamic HAS supported the efforts of our design and development teams. "

Mr Said That Russian exchange requests Ford-have Contributed to accelerate the development plan of the supplier Aimed at Increasing the supply of recycled content products. This probably Contributes to make fabrics from recycled materials available For the entire automotive industry, Perhaps as much as five years WAS Earlier than Originally Planned.

At Ford, the durability, it's serious

The 2008 Escape Hybrid is the first model All All which presents a full seat fabric made of recycled fibers Containing. The high costs Prevented rapid generalization of recycled fabrics, Kordich says, Have you joined Ford in 2000 and HAS training in interior architecture design.

"INITIALLY, in the early 2000s, suppliers do not take us Seriously When We Their announcement That our new business strategy required a minimum of 25% recycled content, says Ms. Kordich. HOWEVER, more and more providers-have Begun Their efforts to accelerate to research and development from an environmental perspective. "

Ms Kordich Explains That the first try in the hybrid Escape, It was found That the use of recycled materials in fabrics Intended for cars WAS possible. At the same time, providers-have-been challenged to Develop new fabrics That integrate recycled content while Continuing to meet the Criteria of very strict quality Ford, all without Causing Increased costs to customers.

HOWEVER, while the electric Focus and Fusion program overall Were still in the design course in the mid-2000s, Ms. Kordich wanted to extend Ford's leadership in the field of development of sustainable fabrics. She has Began working with suppliers in order to Develop That tissues, beyond the integration of recycled sound Would Be based on more sustainable manufacturing processes.

One of These suppliers Was the Unifi company based in North Carolina, All All which HAD Developed over a brand REPREVEMC manufactures from post-industrial and post-consumer waste: such as bottles of water in transparent plastic. Prior to this partnership with Ford, the wire REPREVEMC HAD beens Mainly used in the steps of the clothing and contracts.

"My experience allowed me to Know That HAS companies like Sage Unifi and created innovative products to propel sustainable development. Towards new horizons, says Ms Kordich Collaboration with companies That share the mindset of Ford Helped us move to upper levels much faster."

HOWEVER, HAS REMAIN high costs problem. Ms Kordich HAS Worked with Unifi and Sage to the elaboration of a plane. Provide a unified wire REPREVEMC Sage, Who Would use this thread to make fabric seats and resell all waste (falls, bad dye lots, etc ...) Has Unifi for reprocessing. For icts hand Ford also Contribute to the collection of water bottles made of transparent plastic for return to the recycling center REPREVEMC. Ford leads in the same time a campaign to help collect and send two million plastic bottles Unifi. Each fusion contains the equivalent of up to about 40 of transparent plastic bottles.

Ms Kordich solution allowed to close the loop of waste and maintain maintenance costs Maintenance neutral. It also Ford Gives competitive advantage by Offering a product That allowed him to make concrete Commitments in matters of quality ... and environmental protection. The REPREVEMC WAS wire used for the first time in the Focus Electric in 2011.

Fusion opens the way

In total, 41 Ford uses tissue from a handful of suppliers for fifteen programs of vehicles. These fabrics are different According To Their motives, of recycled materials Their happy and Their Planned use.

The Amount of recycled materials in Each vehicle varies by area. In North America, 100% fabric of the seats of the Fusion Hybrid are constituted of recycled materials. To the extent possible, Those of the Ford Mondeo in the regions of Asia-Pacific and Europe Contain 43% of recycled materials.

"We are very good start, says Kordich. Goal this is only the Beginning of the realization of our corporate vision."

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