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Renault Twin'Run: a concept car passion

It is the occasion of the Monaco Grand Prix That Twin'Run made His first period before the general public. What better theater than the legendary track in monegasque quotes to present this concept car. Positions in the world of motorsport and cultivating passion for brand competition, Twin'Run fits into the lineage of famous R5 Turbo and Clio V6.

Could the public follow the three cars falling on a chase Organized as a nod to the history of Renault in mind Twin'Run Launched at full speed with the wheel HAS, Carlos Tavares, Chief Operating Officer for Operations Pursued by a Clio V6 led away by F1 driver Charles Pic, as well as a 5 Maxi Turbo in the hands of icts driver Jean Ragnotti fetish.

Twin'Run naturally finds icts up in the lineage concept cars Renault illustrating the design strategy. The front identity, comic around the diamond is the link with the new design of Renault. The term of this domain is Twin'Run That times of the world of competition.

Twin'Run: compact, supercharged and friendly

Twin'Run displays a very dynamic Gathered silhouette. Its four-wheel-Positioned Associated corners HAS door-to-high beltline and short overhangs Contribute to the dynamism of the whole and Suggest great agility. Its Slightly hollow flanks Designed Templates 'near the body' and Surmounted of a marked shoulder, more generous at the wheel arches, round off the sporty temperament online.

Blue and red

Its blue livery Recalls Twin'Run That Symbolizes the odds of His twin Twin'Z the 5th race of the Strategy Design Renault dedicated to gambling and entertainment. Treatment comes closer to the work surfaces and leads to precision Enhances icts with all volumes. Suggesting its a breeding ground for personalization, combined Twin'Run red to blue, sometimes to sit His graphic style, along the shoulders, or Enhance icts and sporting character attributes: red bands traversing the flag panel grille, mirror ultrathin, entrees air shield ends of the rear spoiler, edging highlighting the Periphery of the white and black rims.

Tribute una eldest prestigious

On the doors, the number "5" Refers to the R5 Turbo, the iconic rally car for 80 years. Numerous details make this tribute eldest,: such as the design of headlamps or generous hips at the back. The four additional headlamps ultra-thin LED technology HAS reinterpret modern way ramps lights used in the world of rally falling on the special night.

Twin'Run a real race car 

Twin'Run has-been Developed with the backing of the company Tork Engineering / Poclain Vehicles, specialists in the preparation of the motor frame for competition. This concept car is a real race car That HAS benefited from the expertise competition. Body composite material based on a multi-tubular steel frame animates a motor rear center position drift Megane Trophy.

A V6 engine competition

Twin'Run is equipped 3.5-liter V6 engine from the Renault-Nissan Alliance Equipping Espace, Laguna and Latitude, and aussi used in Particular on competition Megane Trophy. Has Longitudinally central rear position, the six-cylinder engine in V 3498cm3 Delivers 320 horsepower WAS 6800 rev / min on the rear gear and a torque of 380 Nm at 4850 rev / min. Generous and full of low regimes, this musical V6 Delivers linear accelerations and motor skills for great cornering and in the recovery phases. The V6 is a second box SADEV sequential 6-speed gearbox equipped with a limited slip differential to limit slip, favoring registration and motor skills of Twin'Run curve. The two-plate clutch is metal Directly derived from the competition. The air inlet entrances are Positioned at the rear wheel. Exhaust fans in the rear quarter panels Contribute to the proper motor cooling. The cooling system has-been the subject of a Specific treatment with polished aluminum ducts integrated Manner visible in the floor of the cabin. The motor is separated from the cockpit by a Plexiglas window.

Source: Renault

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