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The Dogecoin a sponsor for Talladega

Do you know the phenomenon of cryptomonnaie? It is a fully computer currency fluctuates in value DEPENDING upon the number of people use it Have you. Review: Review: Review: The most reconnu Bitcoin is reconnu in several banks and businesses around the world. Value (at the time of writing this text) fluctuated Between 645.9 and 648.2 Canadian dollars. This is a very volatile currency, Because it is very young.

The concept of cryptomonnaie was taken by Many People-have the opportunity to make money is huge. That is odd ruin of Greater. 

One of The Most reconnu cryptomonnaies the Dogecoin (created from Another internet phenomenon, Doge) HAS Become the first sponsor cryptomonnaie Was a racing driver.

The Josh Wise is an American NASCAR driver. A week ago, a user of the website Reddit HAS Realized That Unless-have $ 55,000 in sponsors, Josh Could not drive his car for the Aaron's 499, Talladega argument over the system.

The community behind the Dogecoin HAS Decided to join Forces Gives Each His Own, and just eight days later, Doge 67.8 million ($ 55,000) Were harvested, ALLOWING HAS Josh Wise-have a chance Talladega win HAS. As Dogecoin Became His sponsor, his car (All All All which is not a Dodge Unfortunately, goal Ford) Will Be covered with a vinyl Representing the official mascot of Dogecoin, the Doge himself.

Fundraising HAS beens not without incident. For example, a donor inadvertently added a 0 in the transaction, So THAT INSTEAD of Doge 2,000,000 ($ 1500) is 20,000,000 Doge ($ 15,000) leaving His account! Misfortune donor status HOWEVER well taken, since it is one of the founders of this cryptomonnaie. He challenged aussi one of His colleagues to give him the same Amount, All All All which the money HAS Increased harvest Reviews Reviews Reviews another 20 million Doge!

It is not the first fundraising Effected by Dogecoin. It Has Calculated Calculated calculated previously made headlines by buying tickets so Jamaican bobsled Has the team to Compete at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

2, 3, 4 and 5 May, You Will See a page of history writing HAS Talladega: an internet phenomenon Will Be on the starting line, ready to do battle with the biggest names in NASCAR!

Go Doge!

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