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Nissan teases Sao Paolo CUV concept, production future likely

Back in 2012 at Brazil's Sao Paulo Motor Show, Nissan showed off an angular subcompact crossover concept, Extrem, that seemed to to portend the future of the Nissan Juke. Now, the Japanese automaker is teasing an as-yet-unnamed CUV concept for this year's show. The new showcar, set for an October 28 unveiling, is expected to be a closer-to-production version of the Extrem ethos.

Why should we care? Autoblog has reason to believe that this vehicle is under consideration for global distribution. The production Extrem – or whatever it ends up being called – is likely to be positioned size-wise in between the Juke and the recently upsized Rogue, offering more space and still-adventuresome styling, yet at a less expensive price. If accurate, that sounds like the production model will be a fair bit larger than the conceptual Xtrem, which was built atop a modified version of Nissan's V-platform, a model that underpins its March supermini (and speaking of the March, Nissan has also teased what looks to be a sporty concept version of it for the Brazilian show, too).

It's important to note that Nissan already has a bustling small CUV portfolio globally, what with its popular Qashqai / X-Trail models in markets beyond ours. There continues to be persistent rumors that Nissan is considering bringing over the Qashqai, as well, a model seemingly already quite close in size and execution to the Rogue. Despite this, Nissan has shown no hesitation in exploring every niche of the burgeoning CUV market, and while not every derivative has been a success, models like the Juke have rewarded the company's bravery with handsome sales.

CEO Carlos Ghosn is apparently very keen to further diversify Nissan's utility offerings and he's pushing his team hard to innovate, but it won't happen right away – a North American Extrem descendant is likely a few years away. Related GalleryNissan Concept Teasers ? 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show Source

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