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Audi R10 #7992724


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  • Nissan wins two awards for Best ALG residual value in 2012

    Nissan wins two awards for Best ALG residual value in 2012

    Two existing vehicles Nissan range are sharing the spotlight, winning the award for Best ALG residual value for the year 2012. Maxima was awarded the ALG residual value of the best in the category of large sedans and for the fourth consecutive year, the GT-R has received the award for Best ALG residual value in the category of luxury sports cars. "We are proud to accept these awards ALG and have

  • Pileup monegasque

    Pileup monegasque

    The only place in the world or could occur as a pile of exotic cars and luxury is in Monaco and has indeed taken place. A conductive driving his Bentley Azure large stamped five cars, fortunately stationed near the Place du Casino in Monaco, the price varies between 85,000 and 170,000 euros. We talk about cars whose total value would exceed 800 000 euros. The dash cars by Missis Bentley are:

  • Chevrolet Beat, quickly press ca ...

    Chevrolet Beat, quickly press ca ...

    In 2007, General Motors, we had presented to the Auto Show in New York, three small economical cars, Chevrolet Beat (green section), Groove (hatchback black 5p) and Trax (orange crossover). On this occasion, the manufacturer had organized a contest exclusively on the internet, which was asked by the public, which of these three models, they preferred. After a compilation of nearly 2 million

  • Japanese auto parts company pinned

    Japanese auto parts company pinned

    Following an investigation, the Competition Bureau, a Japanese supplier of components for motor vehicles was sentenced Thursday a record fine of $ 30 million by the Superior Court of Ontario, for his participation in a conspiracy to rig offers. The company Yazaki has pleaded guilty to bid-rigging under the Competition Act, by reason of its participation in a cartel with other international


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