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Chrysler Town Country #9534020


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  • GM Canada signs loan repayable short-term

    GM Canada signs loan repayable short-term

    General Motors of Canada signed Thursday, April 30 an agreement short term loan with Export Development Canada provide him greater flexibility in managing its normal operational activities here has it completes its restructuring in Canada. Arturo Elias, president of GM Canada, said: "GM Canada appreciates the support of the governments of Canada and Ontario as part of its restructuring efforts to

  • Ford abandon Microsoft for BlackBerry

    Ford abandon Microsoft for BlackBerry

    When Siri met Enzo: the future of entertainment Ford is approaching one million vehicles sold in China GM looks to LTE 4th generation Technology to prevent the use of cell phones while driving BlackBerry conceives of synthetic engine sounds It's no secret that Ford knows many rats with its SYNC system, currently managed by the Windows operating system of Microsoft, which brings the American

  • Volkswagen Passat CC: the five-seat option

    Volkswagen Passat CC: the five-seat option

    So far, the elegant cut four doors Volkswagen Passat CC was not offered in Version four places. Simply because the seat of the bench is divisible into three sections, a central section which includes a removable tray. Thus excluding any possibility to be seated. But to answer to a clientele who wanted a car that can accommodate five passengers, Volkswagen will finally offer a small fee, a classic

  • Volkswagen Golf R 2013: the return of the enfant terrible

    Volkswagen Golf R 2013: the return of the enfant terrible

    Volkswagen Canada announced that the Golf R will return for the 2013 model year. In 2012, 500 copies available on Canadian soil had found a buyer at the speed of lightning, despite their price was around $ 40,000. This time, 250 units of the fireball will be available in Canada. Golf Extreme Constructed on the basis of the Volkswagen Golf GTI five-door hatchback, the Golf R 2013 differs from


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