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Ford F550 #7340174


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  • Audi A1: The countdown has started ...

    Audi A1: The countdown has started ...

    By its official unveiling in the next car show in Geneva in March, Audi provides for us to unveil dropper, via internet, small subcompact luxury car, the A1. The latter will become the first rival to the size very popular Mini Cooper BMW. Thus, after we have announced in the last two years, two warning concepts of eventual arrival of a small Audi, voila promises the first declension of the

  • Tires, the first part

    Tires, the first part

    Tires Tires, more When it comes time to purchase new tires, it is often difficult to choose from the range of models that are available to us. There are already several tire manufacturer in North America that offer different designs, and this was enough to supply the demand. However, for some time, we are bombarded with international brands, often from Europe and Asia, which promise us a

  • Volkswagen hopes to finalize the purchase of Porsche in 2012

    Volkswagen hopes to finalize the purchase of Porsche in 2012

    Currently, Volkswagen holds 49.9% of the assets of the prestigious Porsche. Always has decided acquire all shares of Porsche, Volkswagen hopes to finalize the purchase this year by paying a whopping $ 3.9 billion a plan to appropriate the remaining 50.1% share. Recall that if the transaction between the two companies is carried out before 2014, this would avoid a Volkswagen having to pay taxes to

  • Spyker Saab is interested in resuming

    Spyker Saab is interested in resuming

    Saab sees his old technology pass into the hands of BAIC Koenigsegg Group AB waived acquire Saab After the failure of negotiations with the Swedish Koenigsegg group, which is interested in acquiring Saab said, here it is again, turn a small manufacturer of special cars to be interested in Saab. Like the supplier Magna which was associated to a Russian bank to acquire Opel, the group led by


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