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Honda Torneo #8070228


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  • Volkswagen Polo, not always in the shadow of Golf

    Volkswagen Polo, not always in the shadow of Golf

    Aveo, Fit, Yaris and after ... To a certain sequence to our chronic titled Aveo, Fit, Yaris and after ... ', in which we presented twelve small economical cars, some of which will be available in America in the coming years, while others are waiting for the fire green from manufacturers, or you think even more ... However, there is one that I did not mention, the Volkswagen Polo and voluntarily.

  • Automobile: the Senate has voted for tax deductions for buyers

    Automobile: the Senate has voted for tax deductions for buyers

    Faced with economic stagnation in which the struggling American automakers, the Senate has voted Tuesday tax deductions for new car buyers, 71 votes to 26 against. With this decision, the Senate ignored the detractors of the recovery plan, prepared by the Obama administration, discusses this week and from now exceeds the fateful $ 900 billion. The vote took place shortly after Barack Obama was

  • Kia GT4 Stinger cabriolet imagine X-Tomi Design

    Kia GT4 Stinger cabriolet imagine X-Tomi Design

    Detroit Kia Concept GT4 Stinger: a gleaming sports section A week after the unveiling of the concept GT4 Stinger Kia behold firm X-Tomi Design exhibits on the web a very personal vision of the car. It is a virtual rendering of a convertible version of the present cut in Detroit. The concept uses a supercharged four-cylinder engine 2.0-liter 315 horsepower who issues directed to the rear wheels

  • Polaris began manufacturing cars

    Polaris began manufacturing cars

    The American specialist ATV and snowmobile Polaris just acquired the majority shares of the french manufacturer Aixam Mega, specializes in the manufacture of cars without a license. Through this transaction, Polaris monopolizes 54% of the shares held previously by Axa Private Equity. In 2012, Mega Axiam produced nearly 9,000 vehicles, allowing it to display a turnover of € 90 million. A car


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