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Plymouth Superbird #7937563


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  • Volvo broadens its cash incentive program

    Volvo broadens its cash incentive program

    The Volvo Cars of Canada extends its incentive offer money to each of the models in its range as a result of a statement of the beginning of the month which offered buyers S60 and XC90 cash incentives of up to 10 $ 200. Available for a limited time anywhere in Canada, the new cash incentive Volvo allows buyers to save thousands of dollars, regardless of the model, to reduce the purchase price or

  • Ford Racing Festival offers an exciting program!

    Ford Racing Festival offers an exciting program!

    Crescent Street offer many free activities, auto racing, tours and shows drivers On Monday, August 24, 2009 - The racing is back in Montreal and Crescent Street is once again the place to be every indication in the heart of the action during the NASCAR weekend?. Ford Racing Festival, presented by Budweiser and partnership with Ford Fusion promises to thrill the many visitors. With its race cars

  • Towing companies are seeing a rise in fuel starvation

    Towing companies are seeing a rise in fuel starvation

    Towing companies active in major agglomerations of the country say find a more fuel starvation on the roads since the cost of fuel increases. With the outbreak of prices, more and more drivers reduce the amount of gas they buy at the pump, in the hope that prices will come down next time they will return to the station. Glen Comeau, the owner of Towing West Island, Montreal, claims to have been

  • Volkswagen Golf GTI

    Volkswagen Golf GTI "Edition 35": For Germans only

    -    GTI celebrates its 35 years -    His motor runs 210 has 235 hp. The first Volkswagen Golf GTI was launched in 1976 and it is for this reason that today the manufacturer announced the release this summer for a "Edition 35" model of his fetish. Increasingly aggressive For the occasion, she received the aesthetic devices that make a car much more sporty or aggressive. Thus, there is a grille,


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