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F1 and NHRA combine to form "F1 presented by NHRA"

To conquer the U.S. market, Formula 1 is associated to the NHRA for all the upcoming events in the United States. This partnership will allow us finally to see what cars rush around the world can make a straight line, will be in effect for next season. New dates will therefore be added to the calendar series. 

Among the important changes made to the series F1/NHRA, or "F1 presented by NHRA" (official name) include in particular the addition of four straight lines of a quarter of a mile on the Circuit of the Americas Austin Texas, enlargement return paths and adding Pomona has banked turns at Gateway International Raceway in Englishtown and Bakersfield, California. From a technical point of view, the Formula 1 cars remain cars discoveries has wheels, but they mainly use the rich fuel nitromethane. Many adjustments are also made to the EI system Steering and Suspension car Top Fuel (attending to the same race, at the same time but in different categories).

Bernie Ecclestone, president and chief executive officer of Formula One Management and Administration, welcomed the partnership as being an agreement which will increase the popularity of F1 racing in the United States for the rest of the decade. John Force, 15-time champion Funny Car racing, has also made the following statement about the partnership: "There is an ocean of differences between the European culture of F1 and American culture acceleration If we know. marry our differences, we should get a spectacular result ... "

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