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Toyota has developed a pre-collision system (PSC)

TMC is developing a system to aid the avoidance of collisions that is effective at high speed

The system effectively attenuated collision with the rear of another vehicle in more than 90% of the speed ranges

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announces it has developed a pre-collision system (PCS) with the aid of collision avoidance that effectively attenuates the high-speed collisions with the back of another vehicle1.

PCS newly developed system uses a millimeter-wave radar to detect a risk of collision with the rear of a vehicle traveling ahead, then the system alerts the driver with audible signal and the message appears that slows promptly. When the driver applies the brakes, PCS system allows a reduction of the speed of up to 60 km/h2 increasing the braking force to an extent that can reach Double3 that applied to the average driver. If the driver does not apply the brakes, the system automatically applies and a reduction in the vitesse4 from 15 km / h up to about 30 km/h5 is possible 6.

In more than 90% of collisions with the rear of another vehicle, the difference in speed between the two vehicles is in the range of 60 km/h7. TMC seeks to develop a system based on data from a real and collisions, thanks to its newly developed system, managed to reduce the effects of a collision with the rear of another vehicle has a degree that no other manufacturer in the industry has achieved. Developed for use in a diversity of models, the new PCS system will debut on models that will lances shortly.

To contribute to the elimination of injuries and deaths due to road accidents - a key objective in a society that places a high importance to the mobility-TMC leads the research activities and development of devices and systems Security Embedded using our concept Integrated Safety Management8 to integrate our technology security to our vehicles. TMC continues the development of vehicles and safer technologies and intensify its initiatives improvement of road safety by participating in the development of safer road environments and conducting activities of routiere education.

1 Research has shown that it is in a range of speeds from 40 to 60 km / h at the time of the collision with the rear of a vehicle that most deaths and injuries occur.

2 When the vehicle rolls PCS system with 80 km / h and the vehicle ahead traveling 20 km / h.

3 According to the analysis of U.S. data on accidents.

4 When the brakes are not applied, the deceleration is initiated at 15 km / h.

5 When the vehicle rolls PCS system with a 50 km / h and the vehicle ahead traveling 20 km / h.

6 full capabilities may not be possible in some roads and weather conditions.

7 Preliminary calculations using statistics on traffic accidents from the Japanese institution Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA).

8 approach to security that seeks to provide the driver with full support to all aspects of behavior rather than focusing solely on security systems independent of each other.

Toyota has developed a pre-collision system (PSC) picture #1

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