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And Chevrolet EN-V prototype: More in-depth studies

GM announced the beginning of work on the EN-V prototype Chevrolet new generation, the vision of General Motors face the growing demand for personal transportation, industry and ecological. The Chevrolet EN-V new generation could participate in pilot demonstration programs in megacities around the world to determine its usefulness concrete in the real world.

In addition, future EN-V prototypes will the Chevrolet emblem, announced Chris Perry, vice president, global marketing and strategy for Chevrolet, media visits in Detroit before the celebration of the centenary of Chevrolet, which will take place on November 3 .

"For 100 years, Chevrolet has focused on accessible and affordable technologies that simplify the lives of clients and the Chevrolet EN-V will continue that tradition," stated Mr. Perry.

"By 2030, more than 60% of the 8 billion people on Earth will live in urban areas," Mr. Perry ahead. "The Chevrolet EN-V represents a possible solution for global customers living in markets or alternative transportation is needed. "

The EN-V Electric Networked-Vehicle for or networked electric vehicle), which was premium is a prototype two-seater electric urban mobility that subscribes to the basic principle of personal mobility - freedom.

One of the stars of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, EN-V was designed to meet the environmental issues and help alleviate the problems associated with traffic, parking, safety and consumer of energy.

The EN-V prototype Chevrolet new generation propose new features that customers are looking as controlling the temperature, space personal storage and use all seasons while maintaining key elements of the EN-V original as its small ecological footprint and maneuverability. The EN-V also retain its battery electric propulsion, connectivity and its autonomy.

"The Chevrolet EN-V offers the opportunity to reinvent transportation in key markets by creating a new genetic Vehicle through the convergence of electrification and connectivity" to say Chris Borroni-Bird, director prototypes of advanced technology from GM. "The prototype represents an ideal solution for a means of transport without oil or broadcasts, has almost immune to congestion and collisions, while rehabilitating the car and driving pleasure. "

In April, GM and the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co. Ltd.. (SSTEC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in the integration of EN-V has a new generation of eco-city in Tianjin a point of view of energy, communications and the physical infrastructure.

Mr. Borroni-Bird Chevrolet shall study confirms that other cities around the world - including Canada and the United States - for the establishment of pilot programs.

The EN-V is a zero emission vehicle was supplied by lithium-ion batteries. Battery charging from a standard household wall outlet allows the EN-V to travel at least 40 km (25 miles) on a single charge, which is sufficient for most displacements in town.

By combining the global positioning system (GPS) technologies for communication between vehicles and detection distance, the EN-V prototype can run alone or with the help of the driver. In autonomous mode, EN-V offers mobility to people who otherwise could not use a vehicle. Taking advantage of wireless communications, the vehicle allows the driver and passengers wireless communication with friends and business associates while driving.

The ability to communicate with other vehicles and with the infrastructure could help EN-V significantly reduce the number of collisions and facilitate the search for parking spaces. The EN-V could also reduce congestion by automatically selecting the fastest in terms of traffic information in real time itinerary.

"This technology platform of electric propulsion, sensors, wireless communication and GPS navigation should probably migrate EN-V has other automotive prototype and could pave the way for safer and cleaner vehicles in the future "to predict Mr. Borroni-Bird.

And Chevrolet EN-V prototype: More in-depth studies picture #1

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