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Ford Edge 2015 assembled in Canada


Ford Edge 2015 assembled in Canada picture #1

Ford Edge Concept: Los Angeles Toronto

Los Angeles

Ford Edge 2015 assembled in Canada picture #2

Ford Edge concept: Unisex

Los Angeles

Ford Edge 2015 assembled in Canada picture #3

Ford Edge 2015 a concept for Los Angeles

A global utility vehicle that will be exported to over 60 countries.

• Ford will build a new utility vehicle for global markets Edge has its assembly plant in Oakville, near Toronto, and export to over 60 countries.

• Adding a new global product Oakville follows the 700 million Canadian dollar Ford invested in the plant so that it is one of the most competitive production facilities worldwide and FCT Canada and to to preserve its 2,800 jobs.

• The Edge Concept, now present at the Canadian International Auto Show, provides strong evidence of technology, dynamic design and quality of execution that characterize a global scale the next generation of Ford commercial vehicles .

The Oakville assembly plant Ford Canada to build the new global utility vehicle Ford Edge, which will be exported to over 60 countries, as demand for commercial vehicles is increasing worldwide.

The Ford Edge competes in the global commercial vehicles segment which grew by 13% in 2013 compared to the previous year. Ford surpasses the competition in this segment thanks to a growth of 35% and more than 1.2 million vehicles sold worldwide, and last year the production of Edge has exceeded the milestone of 1 million units. The segment of commercial vehicles in markets outside of North America grew 112% in 2013 and 30% growth is planned in 2014; total sales of commercial vehicles estimated for this year is about 600,000 units.

"The decision to produce the brand new World Edge in Canada shows that Canadian manufacturers can be competitive and win on a global scale," stated Dianne Craig, chairwoman and CEO of Ford of Canada Limited. "We are ready to benefit from the commitment of the Oakville plant to quality, craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing techniques to produce what people want and appreciate our international customers - a vehicle of high quality endows d a design, a fuel efficiency and performance of the first order. "

In September, Ford announced an investment of 700 million Canadian dollars has its Oakville assembly plant to increase the manufacturing capacity of the plant to meet the growing global demand and preserve more than 2,800 jobs. Ford Edge and Flex and Lincoln MKX and MKT are built in the Oakville plant. 

"The Oakville plant is essential to the system of global construction Ford when we are preparing to launch more vehicles than ever before," said Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford America. The Oakville plant will provide a world-class flexibility that allows us to react quickly and effectively to changing consumer demand here in North America and around the world. "

The global portfolio of utilities includes small Ford vehicles, the intermediate vehicles and large vehicles - compact EcoSport has large gauge Expedition through the intermediate Explorer to meet the needs of consumers around the world various stages of life.

In 2014, Ford will offer customers more choice since it expects a year of production without precedent by launching 23 vehicles on a global scale. Of these vehicles, 16 are intended for the North American market, including the new Global Edge.

Visitors to the Canadian International Auto Show will have a preview of the new Ford Edge Concept at kiosk, including a taste options automated driving that Ford is developing. Here are a few:

• Help to fully assisted parking: Technology that enables automatic parking control parking inside or outside the vehicle.

• Prevention of Collisions: If the driver fails to make a turn or brake at the approach of an object, or does not react, the system will automatically do for him to prevent a collision.

• Column adaptive management: Next stage of the technology relating to direction, it will lead to improvements in driving conditions at low and high speeds.

In addition, the Ford Edge Concept includes technologies promoting fuel economy, as active grille shutters, automatic start-stop and an innovative inflatable curtain, which manages the flow of air around the front wheels to improve aerodynamics.

The Edge Ford Concept will be exhibited at booth 14 to 17 February 2014.

Ford Edge 2015 assembled in Canada picture #4

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