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Pirelli said they did not favor Mercedes and have acted fairly

The tire manufacturer Pirelli rejected out of hand the allegations that he had violated the rules of Formula 1 by conducting tests during the season with Mercedes stables.

Pirelli has declared Friday it acted fairly and professionally during these tests and does not believe it offered an advantage to the stable German.

The company, which was criticized by many stables due to too rapid degradation of his tires this season, finds himself under the spotlight as a result of tests that took place after the Spanish Grand Prix. Red Bull and Ferrari have officially protested a result of the Monaco Grand Prix, won by the Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg.

IAF now wants Ferrari and Mercedes provide information to its investigators about these tests. The FIA ​​issued a statement late Friday in which she expressed hope that the two stables involved in its investigation.

"This follows reports of Commissioners following the Monaco Grand Prix and represents the additional information required by the FIA ​​in the light of the answers given by Pirelli, which was a request for clarification on May 28," he says International Federation of the automobile.

Director of Pirelli Paul Hembery has said earlier that gums used in these tests will not be used in competition in 2013, and are therefore not benefit a Mercedes. Hembery added that Pirelli has several stables offered the possibility to conduct these tests, but Mercedes had been the first to accept the offer.

"These tests were carried out with tires that have not been used and will not be used in 2013 emphasis was placed on 2014, precise Hembery These tests were carried out blind.. Mercedes n ' had no idea and do not always know what she tested.'s stables could not derive any benefit. These are Pirelli and F1 in general who derives profits. "

After the Monaco GP, the FIA ​​indicates communicates that a report would be drafted and could referer this issue before an international tribunal.

In another communicates the FIA ​​gave a warning Mercedes about his conduct and said that his court "may decide to impose penalties."

Red Bull and Lotus Mercedes have accused of conducting secret trials, that the stable was denied.

"Ultimately, it's a sprained Sporting Code, stated the director of Lotus, Eric Bouiller. If they did, it is believed they derive profits."

For Hembery, Pirelli has nothing wrong, leading testing and transparent way in consultation with Mercedes and the FIA. All teams were informed as early in 2012 that they could make themselves available for such tests, he said, specifying that the company had responded to all the questions of the FIA.

"Some call these tests secrets. Well, they would win not of espionage price. Was reserve circuit on our behalf two days after the Formula 1 race. We presented our trucks with the colors of Pirelli Mercedes brightly colored cars. "

Hembery admitted conducting trials with other stables, he refuses to name. He added that Pirelli was in discussions with many other teams to take more tests later this season, crucial tests according to him, due to significant changes will be made for the championship in 2014.

The stables will be forced to abandon the V8 2.4-liter engine for the most efficient hybrid turbo V6 1.6 liter, which will represent quite a challenge for Pirelli if it remains associated to the F1.

Due to the rapid degradation of tires, some stables have had to resort to a strategy of four pit stops during the Spanish Grand Prix. Pirelli has promised a new gum containing Kevlar for the first practice for the Grand Prix of Canada, fight next week.

By Michael Casey

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