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Robert Kubica: Back in F1 plans for 2012

Seriously injured in a rally accident shortly before the start of the 2011 Formula 1 season, the Pole Robert Kubica continues to reeducation this summer, who came very close to losing an arm in this sad affair.

Still under contract with Team Renault F1, Kubica has recently stated that his goal was to be departing Grand Prix debut in the 2012 season. A return to the last tests of this season as he had been in the spring issue appears at this time REJECTED.

Until then, Renault F1 Team continues its season with Russian Vitaly Petrov and Kubica replacing designe, German Nick Heidefld. It disappoints many of its results, but it is possible that all the same finishes the season at the expense of reserve driver for the team, the Brazilian Bruno Senna. A situation where the logic escapes several observers as the nephew of the legendary Ayrton Senna never had the opportunity to take part in a race for Renault F1 (he disputes the 2010 season for the team background grid Hispania Racing Team) and as the team is not in the race for the title or victory, it is strange that she did not enroll in a Grand Prix driver very motivated and wants to demonstrate its capabilities.

Despite this, the situation will evolve a bit from a Hungarian GP this coming weekend while Senna will play one of two free practice sessions on Friday in place of Heidfeld.

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