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Bahrain said that the protests do not threaten the maintenance of GP

The organizers of the Grand Prix of Bahrain has declared Thursday that the sporadic demonstrations against the run and the violent protests that hit the nation in the Persian Gulf do not threaten the holding of the largest international event in the kingdom.

Anti-government groups have set up these events to embarrass the authorities, but they have been limited to areas known for their opposition to the royal family. Groups defense of human rights also use the race to criticize the arbitrary detention and other abuses of power committed in Bahrain arrests.

Alzayani Zayed, the President of the Bahrain International Circuit has indicated that the security measures in place around the site of the ordeal this weekend are not different from those implemented in the past. Many police vehicles patrolling the road circuit and the people there will have to go through several checkpoints.

He insists that Sunday's race, the biggest event in the country with its 220 U.S. GENERATED income of $ million, receives the support of the majority of Bahrainis. He added that ticket sales were up about 20 percent compared to last year.

The organizers expect 25,000 spectators for the race.

by Reem Khalifa

Bahrain said that the protests do not threaten the maintenance of GP picture #1

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