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Tata Nano Special Edition purchased by credit card

Tata Nano Special Edition purchased by credit card picture #1

Tata Nano 2014 with more chrome

A plan to boost sales of the least expensive car in the world, the Tata Nano, the marketing department of the Indian manufacturer has launched a rather original promotion, is that you can buy a Nano Special Edition through a credit card .

To do this, the manufacturer had to convince many Indian banks and dealers to become complicit in this startup, rather complex.

This approach aims mainly young people looking for a first car.

Nano Special Edition

Wanting to attract a younger clientele, the Tata Nano Special Edition is offered:

a catchy dressing;

the decals at sills;

sport alloy wheels;

an audio system with MP3 and USB inputs;

two glove.

A limited duration

The offer is to repay, over a period of 12 months, the amount borrowed on his credit card to purchase a Nano Special.L buyer can also enjoy a 0% interest rate.

This car is currently sold in India at a price that is equivalent to us $ 2900. At its launch in 2009, there was talk of a starting price of only $ 2,500.

The promotion will end on 31 March 2013.

Tata Nano Special Edition purchased by credit card picture #2

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