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Rolls Royce Phantom recalls its majestic

Here we are not talking recalling a public car but one of the most prestigious sedan in the world, Rolls Royce Phantom 2013.

The detected defect primarily affects the filler neck of the fuel tank.

In Canada, only two cars are recalled.

Recall from Transport Canada

On some vehicles, the filler neck of the fuel tank was poorly manufactured. In particular, the device to prevent the use of gasoline-against dieters is missing. This part prevents the use of fuel cons-indicated (eg., Diesel) and also serves to eliminate static electricity during refueling.

If the fuel tank of the vehicle is filled with fuel cons-indicated, the engine could stall. Loss of propulsion of the vehicle, together with the density of traffic, the condition of the road and the driver's reactions, could increase the risk of accident.

A static electricity discharge while filling the vehicle could cause a fire. These problems could cause damage to material property, or injury.

Correction: Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the filler neck of the fuel tank.

Source: Transport Canada

Rolls Royce Phantom recalls its majestic picture #1

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