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Sales of the big three Detroit Auto surged in February

- They were excellent in February in the United States -

In communiques, they report sales increases of 9.3 percent for Ford, 7.2 percent for General Motors (GM) and Chrysler 4 percent compared to February 2012.

For his part, General Motors reported an increase in one year more than 28 percent of its full-size pickup sales of Chevrolet Silverado.

Kurt McNeil, vice president of sales at GM's U.S. sales associates the ski lift truck has a revival of activity in the residential construction.

For its part, Ford Motor reported that its monthly sales increase of 9.3 percent was the strongest in six years. However, given that mask the poor performance of the Lincoln subsidiary, with sales of vehicles fell 29.4 percent compared to February 2012.

As for Chrysler, the increase in sales in February was the highest in five years. It is mainly attributable to the Dodge division, where sales increased by 30 percent in one year. Sales of the Jeep division, however, falling 16 percent.

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