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Chrysler Canada reported a sales increase of one percent in December

Chrysler Canada reported Thursday a 37th consecutive month of sales growth from one year to another in December, saying it sold 14,756 vehicles, an increase of one percent.

Sales had been the manufacturer of 14,628 units in December 2011. For the full year, it grew by six percent, 243,845 vehicles compared to 230,992 in 2011.

Chrysler has attributed the largest share of this increase in auto sales, particularly in December while the figures in this segment increased by 103 per cent compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, with 2,827 vehicles in December 1394 against 2011.

For years, auto sales have climbed by 33 percent, 42,509 units.

The CEO, Reid Bigland, argued that the year 2012 had been the best for retail sales of Chrysler Canada since 2000.

Kia Canada also ended in December 2012 strength, with sales growth of 15.8 percent, 3960 vehicles. This propels sales for the year of Kia vehicles 77,800, a record for the company since its beginnings in Canada there are 13, and a whopping 19.5 percent over 2011 sales.

Volkswagen Canada has also experienced record sales in December of 3777 new cars and light trucks, a result up six per cent compared to the previous year.

For the full year, Volkswagen has recorded sales of 59,132 vehicles, surpassing the record set last year by more than 12 percent.

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