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MV-1: the ideal vehicle for guests with limited mobility

As a citizen of Longueuil, I was very proud to learn that the vehicle MV-1 (Mobility Vehicle) circulating since Monday in the streets of my city, and it has like Montreal and Laval.

In total, six prototypes that are used as part of a program intended to make known the various advantages associated to this vehicle assembled by hand and designed to meet the needs of a less restricted mobility or even severely disabled, that move in a wheelchair.

Note that these taxis vehicles can also accommodate regular clientele.

The project aims to test the pulse of the target clientele for this type of vehicle was launched by the Provincial Committee for consultation and development of the taxi (CPCDIT) industry, with the assistance of the company MV-1 Canada.

This assessment phase is a term of ten weeks.

Hummer H2 MV-1

The taxi vehicle MV-1 is assembled in Indiana, in the plant or in the past, the Hummer H2 models are assembled. Moreover, it was based on the chassis of it to design and manufacture the MV-1.

The MV-1 includes:

an access ramp that deploys electrically;

anchor points for wheelchairs;

reserve space for a driver with limited mobility;

a bench can accommodate up to three regular passengers;

the systems of acceleration and braking montes around the steering wheel.

By itself, the ramp refuge under the floor can support a maximum weight of 1200 pounds.

To facilitate access and mobility within the vehicle, there is simply no conventional passenger seat.

The cargo area of ​​the MV-1 is 569 liters for the CNG version of 1031 liters in the petrol version.

The engine is the Ford Crown Victoria, used in the famous New York Yellow Cabs, a 4.6-liter V8 of 248 horsepower, has an automatic transmission combines four reports. It can also run on natural gas.

In Canada, its selling price hovers around $ 45,000.

MV-1: the ideal vehicle for guests with limited mobility picture #1

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