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Mazda6: sacred "Swiss Car of the year 2013"!

The very title envy reward the innovative spirit of Mazda and the price / performance benefits of the new Mazda6 report.

The Mazda6 was sacred "Swiss Car of the year 2013." This highly coveted title was awarded to him by a jury composed of ten automotive professionals. 42 new models chosen initially, these experts were first selects ten. Then, after a day of testing at TCS center Betzholz, the Mazda6 has received points from all members of the jury, even lifting the maximum 10 points twice and finishing the race on the highest step of the podium, with a comfortable lead over her princesses, Adam Opel and VW Golf.

The title of "Car of the year Swiss 2013" not only reward the design unanimously appreciated and price / performance ratio exceptional Mazda6, but also and especially the innovative spirit of Mazda, a brand that privileged solutions unconventional to move in the direction of progress. After the CX-5, the Mazda6 is the second model beneficiant effect of SkyActiv technology, which can reduce fuel consumption and emissions spectacular manner, without resorting to "downsizing."

Mazda, brand creative

The manufacturer of Hiroshima cultivates a pioneering spirit forever. It took a lot of courage and perseverance to put only developed the famous "rotary" engine invented in the fifties by the German engineer Felix Wankel, and equip a sports-prototype - Mazda 787B - which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1991 by launching the Miata -. aka MX-5 - in 1989, Mazda was also the origin of the revival of small convertibles sport affordable, a kind which the English had their specialty, but was in decline since the seventies.

More recently, Mazda was the first manufacturer to really become aware of the need to lighten cars to reduce fuel consumption and emission. The current Mazda2, launched in 2007, weighed in fact a hundred pounds less than its predecessor, an example followed by other manufacturers since, not least. 

The Mazda6, it also uses a technology simple and effective tip to be more mild, less greedy, safer and cleaner than its predecessors. A result that Mazda has achieved without ever losing sight of core value driving pleasure!

SKYACTIV Technology includes: engines, boxes, chassis and bodywork

i-ACTIVSENSE: the eyes of the Mazda6 for active safety

i-ELOOP: Energy recovery system

i-STOP: start-stop system smart

Source: Mazda Switzerland

Mazda6: sacred "Swiss Car of the year 2013"! picture #1

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