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Couche-Tard offer $ 10,000 of prepaid vouchers Cool Taxi

To raise awareness of the dangers of reckless driving while intoxicated and a squad of ten employees Couche-Tard have done a tour of some of the bars and establishments Monteregie * Friday 14th December.

On this occasion, they handed out free as preventive and $ 10,000 of prepaid vouchers in collaboration with Cool Taxi and Educ'alcool Police Longueuil.

"The link between Couche-Tard youth is particularly strong because they make up a large part of our clientele and our staff, says marketing director Melissa Lessard. Therefore, it is important for us to take concrete actions that have an immediate impact on their lives. We learned of the existence of Cool Taxi in 2010, we have chosen to engage and distribute coupons in our stores, making Couche-Tard's first and still main partner. "

Practices Cool Taxi coupons can be purchased and used throughout the year. Thus, it can be used in period of holidays, but also during birthdays, weddings, proms, partys, etc.. Cool Taxi is a simple, easily accessible way and inexpensive to ensure his safety and that of his friends. Among those who obtain coupons, there are so many young people and parents. "Rather than give to their children money without knowing what it will become, the people responsible for protecting them by offering Cool Taxi coupons," says co-founder Nicola Di Iorio, whose daughter Claudia, has itself even been involved in a serious car accident a few years ago.

Every person may resort to this service, either while intoxicated, tired, fearful face to road conditions, etc.. This is also the case for someone who does not wish to be a passenger on a driver he deems unfit to drive. "I already found in such a situation and I made a bad choice with consequence as a tragic accident, says Claudia Di Iorio. Because I'm out, I desire today educate youth so that they become reflex Cool Taxi in such situations. "

Cool Taxi coupons are offered only $ 5 and $ 10 in all branches of Couche-Tard in Quebec. You can also find them in pharmacies Familiprix and branches of the National Bank. Finally, they are also distributed in offices distribution of 46 taxi services across Quebec. The Company auto insurance Quebec supports this initiative since its beginnings.

Dated October 30, 2012, $ 400,790 of Cool Taxi coupons had been purchased in Quebec this year, against $ 310,430 in 2011, during the first years of existence of this service. The tour, which was held last Friday was ending at Cafe Campus, where everything just left Claudia Di Iorio before serious accident that transformed his life.

* Places visits: 

Liquor Commission (1052 Lionel-Daunais, Boucherville)

Rack'N'Roll (20M, Boucherville)

Christie's (20F, Boucherville)

Jack Astor's (3500 Taschereau, Greenfield Park)

Cafe Campus (57 Prince Arthur Est, Montreal)

Couche-Tard offer $ 10,000 of prepaid vouchers Cool Taxi picture #1

Couche-Tard offer $ 10,000 of prepaid vouchers Cool Taxi picture #2

Couche-Tard offer $ 10,000 of prepaid vouchers Cool Taxi picture #3

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