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The remote access system of new generation debuted at Chevrolet

Technologies unpublished industry drivers provide an intuitive and customizable experience

When the 2014 Chevrolet Impala built in Canada will go on sale next spring, it will be much more than reinvent the sedan featured brand. It will be the first model of the Chevrolet team infotainment system remote access of new generation designed to be easy to use, extremely customizable and can connect up to 10 devices.

Function IMPROVED voice recognition system allows customers to make calls, enter destinations, browse, play music and control other functions safely, simply saying what to do to the vehicle. They can run remote access via the touch screen, large buttons clearly identified or steering wheel controls.

Another first for Chevrolet: The system can store up to 60 bookmarks for radio stations (AM, FM and XM) of the coordinates, destinations, music and other multimedia content - a convenient characteristic especially for those which often follow the same path and who want to memory places like hotels and restaurants.

You can even customize the graphics processing reserve the instrument cluster and the integrated console to give him one of four distinct personalities, as the driver behind the wheel: Contemporary (Modern), Edge (bold), Velocity (fluid) and Main Street (popular).

The system is designed to accommodate new features and improvements, according to Nina Mital. The remote access system of new generation will be also used in other models of Chevrolet 2014 model year, including trucks and full size SUV and Corvette on the market soon.

Unlike older systems, it allows you to configure the instrument cluster and integrated center console. The customer can view the controls infotainment directly in his field of vision, if it so desires, without ever needing to look at the central screen. A microphone placed above the driver ensures that its orders will be heard.

On the screen LCD high-resolution 4.2-inch series in the Impala or the screen 8-inch available as an option, customers will notice immediately that the similar provision of a smart phone or tablet, with intuitive and easy to read icons. At the 8-inch screen, they can navigate, drag, click and move, just like a tablet.

The owners of a compatible smart phone can connect it remotely accessed via a Bluetooth or USB connection. This gives drivers the opportunity to play the music of their passengers or other sources in the speakers of the vehicle.

Another new feature allows owners of an Impala equipped the integrated navigation system available as an option to enter destinations in a single step, rather than having to enter the province, the city, the number and the street one after the other .

During the process of development of remote access, we studied the preferences of consumers on a global scale. "We got a lot of good feedback from customers and we are used to make improvements to the system," said Ms. Mital.

Even the accessibility OnStar has been extended. Besides the venerable blue button, the screen also lets customers enter OnStar.

The 2014 Chevrolet Impala has a six-month subscription plan superior Orientation and troubleshooting OnStar. OnStar improves the security, protection and connectivity of these vehicles including services such as Calling, Automatic Crash Response, assistance in case of theft of vehicle and roadside assistance.

Most owners of smart phones can also download the mobile application Tele-Access, which allows subscribers to OnStar to control certain functions of the vehicle from their phone. For more information about OnStar services, visit

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