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Chevrolet passes speed 4G LTE in 2014

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The Chevrolet brand vehicles in the United States and Canada will be equipped with OnStar 4G LTE by the summer

LAS VEGAS (Thursday, January 9, 2014) - Starting next summer, Chevrolet will offer the fastest vehicles, but it has nothing to do with the engine power. Chevrolet drivers will enjoy a high speed connection thanks to OnStar system that passes 4G LTE speed with the AT & T network, the network 4G LTE fastest and most reliable in the country.

Today, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, Chevrolet has announced that the vehicles Corvette, Impala, Malibu and Volt would be the first GM vehicles to be equipped with the optional OnStar system with 4G LTE. Vehicles follow the Equinox, Silverado, Silverado HD Spark and Spark Electric. On the Canadian market, the OnStar system with 4G LTE will be launched in the Chevrolet Trax. The majority of the range of Chevrolet vehicles in 2015, the United States and Canada, will be endowed connection integrated 4G LTE launch. Other models will be announced later this year.

"Chevrolet provides for initiating the largest deployment of 4G LTE technology in the automotive industry, stated Alan Batey, senior vice president of Chevrolet in the world. The OnStar system with 4G LTE available in some models, the Spark Silverado through the Corvette, testifies to our deep commitment to offer a better quality-price ratio and more convenience by the intermediary of intelligent technologies. This new practical technology will allow consumers to stay connected more easily. "

Vehicles with access point Wi-Fi integrated

The launch of 4G LTE technology will allow the implementation of an access point Wi-Fi integrated in most Chevrolet vehicles, which will allow passengers to connect their personal device such as a smart phone, a laptop or tablet, the Internet network wireless high speed. Each vehicle will allow simultaneous connection of multiple devices.

"We know that our customers want to stay connected at all times, or when they so desire, and they expect to obtain information and content without interruption, stated Mary Chan, director of GM, Development and Application international connectivity. An access point wireless 4G LTE even the architecture of a car allow Wi-Fi more stable and more powerful than that afforded by a smart phone. "

Thanks to the connection of the system with OnStar 4G LTE, the vehicle will be a true mobile hub, allowing customers to easily access applications and services that require high-speed cellular connection. The vehicle will use a not only being shared by a portable and mobile peripheral wireless connection.

Together with AT & T and its Canadian partners, the data connection in the car will be faster, and more versatile. Drivers will be able to opt for a package of data as independent option or add them to a vehicle package shared data plan with their cellular telephony. The prices and packages offered for the OnStar system with 4G LTE will be announced later in 2014.

The Chevrolet applications store: customizing cars connectees

The Chevrolet MyLink system offers consumers an improvement thanks to the integrated application store available on some models Chevrolet 2015 in the United States and Canada. The application store will benefit from the 4G LTE connection integrated.

The Chevrolet app store is accessible through an icon in the system MyLink screen and enables owners to consult the list of all applications and download them directly into the vehicle, and then organize, to update or delete at will. Applications offered help to the driver can see many channels (data from the vehicle, music, news, weather, travel information, etc.).

"The 4G LTE integrated will update the software and applications of our vehicles, has said Ms. Chan. This means that the system infotainment our customers will be constantly improves after purchase, since customers can add features and customize them. "

Among provided for applications that were announced today include Vehicle Health,, The Weather Channel, NPR, Slacker Radio, TuneIn Radio, Cityseeker, Eventseeker, Glympse and Kaliki.

Launching the 10th generation OnStar

The launch of 4G LTE technology in Chevrolet vehicles coincides with the advent of the 10th generation of OnStar system, which was created in 1996. Upgrade will deliver voice and data services at high speed.

"We are working constantly to the improvement of OnStar services to further enhance its value added in GM vehicles, stated Terry Inch, director of operations, OnStar. 4G LTE technology allows OnStar connection speeds never before seen. "

OnStar advisors currently handle approximately 185,000 calls per day, more than double the second call. The OnStar system is standard throughout the range of 2014 Chevrolet vehicles. The application of Tele-Service Access to OnStar smart phone, which allows owners to lock or unlock the doors, activate the horn and lights, and remotely start their vehicle is included for five years in vehicles teams manner appropriate to the United States.

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