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Toyota, GM, Ford and Chrysler had increased sales in October in the USA

The major automakers have made Thursday in state sales increases in the United States for the month of October, despite the loss of three days of activities because of Hurricane Sandy.

Toyota has stated that it saw its sales rise by nearly 16 percent last month, while Volkswagen speaks of another strong month with sales up 22 percent. Chrysler has recorded an increase of 10 percent, double that of General Motors, while Ford sales have increased only slightly.

These results demonstrate that Americans continue to buy new cars and trucks at a good pace. Chrysler predicts an annual rate of sales of 14.7 million for the American auto industry in October, making this month one of the strongest of the year. Vehicles sales reached an annual rate of 14.3 million units in September.

Ford says that Sandy was probably listening to industry 20 000 25 000 units of sales for October, while buyers of the states of north-east were preparing the hurricane at the end of the month.

The sales manager of Ford in the United States, Ken Czubay, has indicated that at previous storms, sales had been postponed and that they quickly picked up once people's lives was found to normal.

Mr. Czubay also noted that a "significant number" of vehicles had been damaged by the floods, adding that this could result in an increase in sales in November.

Sales of vehicles is one of the positive points of the U.S. economy since the beginning of 2012, while they remained relatively strong despite a combination of good and bad economic news.

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